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Text Box: For more details call Kevin : 402 504 2457
Email: Kevin Rutland
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Text Box: The Midwest Hovercraft Club is based in Omaha, NE and is a newly formed group for anyone interested in hovercraft, hovercraft building, or recreational hovercraft activities in the areas surrounding Omaha.
Currently there are a few of us building and operating our machines locally.
We will be holding monthly meetings 
To join us just phone us and let us know you are coming and we'll arrange to meet you.
We welcome visits, questions and contact with anyone in the area wanting to be come involved with recreational hovercrafting.
We also hold weekend get-togethers in the warmer weather on the Platte River.
The Platte River is one of the most beautiful and yet remarkably underused resources in Midwest.  Very few people have experienced its many awesome places. 
Hovercraft and airboats provide perfect ways to journey through its many channels.
Please spend a while checking out our website pages 
  Join us on the river!

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