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Trias, Niko, Ully and Hos performing at Jakarta city centre
Ully, Jimmy, Peppy and Maman

Since 1994, he has taken the position in Choir - Orchestra
" Nathania " as the music arranger, sound engineer,
bassist, and even more, keyboardist. He has toured in
musical themes to countries worlwide like French,
Germany, Italy, Dutch and Palestine/Israel.

The gifted bassist is not only able to deal with Jazz piano,
but also master electric bass as well as the acoustic one.
Even for a higher level of difficulty, he expertises the
Up-right Bass. It is only his love for the acoustic that
motivated him to take part and belong to UNITY MUSIC

Agus syarif, Ully & Jimmy performing at Intercontinental Hotel
Pras & Ully BIRAWA


Starting with playing piano in the early age,  he have
been involved in Bass - the lesson he took from MATES,  
an international bassist for events such as Nort Sea Jazz
Festival. His music career initiated as the Chalacas Brass
Band. During 1987 - 1989, Ully and Arief Moeyoto formed
The Matahari Band and once became the finalee in the
Light Music Contest. Apart from that, he circled in
joyride with Nayaka Band and Jiwas Raya Home Band.