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For your wedding official, contact:

  Reverend Richard Arthur 'Rick' Young, Ph.D.


Your San Antonio Texas Area

Marriage Minister

Phone: (210) 865-5196

 "As your wedding official, I will be resourceful, present wonderful creative options for you, be flexible in how I work with you and be exceptionally organized, in order to achieve the most beautiful wedding ceremony possible for you two! I serve San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas, and I am willing to travel to your wedding destination." 

Wedding officials have also been called celebrant, officiator, officiate, wedding pastor, preacher, wedding minister, even justice of the peace, JP, Father and Priest.

Rev. Young is an ordained non-denominational minister who performs weddings for couples where ever, when ever, and how ever they wish. He especially meets the needs of couples who:

·Desire a unique customized ceremony that reflects their individual belief and sentiments

·Have different religious backgrounds

·That are unaffiliated with any faith, religion, or church

·Who has a minister who is unable to support them

·That belong to a religion that does not accept couples who have been divorced

·Who want a minister that does not require pre-marital counseling unless requested

·Who wish to include their children in the ceremony

·Who would like the minister connect with local wedding resources

·That want the minister to co-officiate the wedding with another minister

Please note that Rev. Young cannot issue your license -- however, he can perform the ceremony after you obtain your license. All marriage laws of the individual states in which the ceremony is held will be followed.



This is a special segment for any out of state or out of the country couples. If you are coming to Texas to be married, as part of your planned elopement or a part of a large formal event, it is fairly easy to be married in Texas.


Questions and Answers:

Must we meet with you first?

No, but if you can - it is best. You should be sure you want me to be the person to perform your wedding ceremony. This can be difficult to ascertain through e-mail and the web. However, this decision is up to you and your judgment.

How Much Do You Charge?

One of the first questions I get asked is how much do you charge. In this consumer society we do like to comparison shop - even for a wedding ceremony! To give you some idea of what is considered normal, most fees range from $225 to $350 and up, for a ceremony and a rehearsal.  Of course, support fees are required.

If you think about your ceremony, you could get married even if your wedding cake could not be delivered on time. Think about what would happen if the minister couldn't show up? Many couples spend more money on their wedding cake than preparing for their marriage or having their ceremony professionally conducted! 

How Do We Actually Give You The Money?   

We suggest you place your wedding offering in an envelope, along with the marriage license, and give it to me before the ceremony. This way, you have two less things to worry about on your wedding day. 

How can I reach you?

With my schedule it is often easier to contact me via e-mail. That address is: You can also call my voice-mail at: 210.865.5196. I can usually return your calls that evening.  


Office location

Schertz, TX

Rev. Young can be reached via email, or by calling:

Office: (210) 865-5196



 Officiant, Minister, Ceremony Author
Weddings, Commitments, Renewals
Non-denominational, Interfaith, Multicultural


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