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Hi! I'm Ulrich.  I'm an eclectus parrot and I'm special. I look different from other eclectus parrots you may have seen.  When I hatched in the summer of 2003, I looked different than the other chicks because of  a skeletal deformity.  I walk with a limp and rest with my head up-side down.  I was just a chick in pinfeathers when I met my mom, who finally took me home on March 27th, 2004. I  was covered in stress-marks and looked pretty shabby when I first went to my new home. But with a lot of TLC and a healthy diet, I am now a happy, healthy bird!
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I like climbing around, flapping my wings, bathing in my water bowl, and hanging upside down.   Foraging toys are my favorite toys--they keep me busy for hours.
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I live with a human named Kelly and three budgies named Midori, Lenny and Simon. 
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