So many times you tried to cut we
You wanna break we down
but you can't touch we
We ain't invincible but Lord knows we are beautiful and blessed.
Jill Scott

We are beautiful and blessed.
A lot of "we" do not seem to know this.
We are creative, innovative, intelligent and are designed wonderfully
There are so many
other people that will pay thousands of dollars to look like me or you.
Some stay out in the sun all day, just to get a hint of your blessed "kiss" from the Son.

I am a wonderfully made full figure Black woman. 
I am blessed with abundance.
That is not all weight either.
I can feed my children and please my man with my abundance. I am blessed with intelligence, grace and common sense.
I walk proudly in my inner and outward beauty.
Men only DREAM of being with me and they know they cannot touch me.

I am that Colored, Black, Afro, African American women.
That women is me.

Love yourself
Honor yourself
Respect yourself

U Gotta Love Yourself