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January, 24 | Friday(11:47 p.m.): ok...I'm back...I've been doing things like studying for exams, meeting up w/friends at the mall, messing w/some girls...ANYWAY...Ssj3 Shen has brought in over 60% of my traffic, I would like to thank him and anyway of you who has kept coming to see if I've updated...I would also like to apologize to ppl who kept coming cause nothing has been new lately, I'm waiting for two pieces of software to come my way...one's called Photoshop Delux 7.0 and the other is Shit Talker...downloadable on Kazaa but I can't download anything onto this computer so I have to put it on through cd's...as soon as I get those...I'm gonna have fun working on my site and I'll hope you all will enjoy going through it...till then, later
January, 12 | Monday(2:05 a.m.): I'm slowly learning to make graphics of my own to a limit...so I'm thinking about starting a "New Picture After a Certain Amount of Hits" thing...sound good??? Anyway, sorry nothing new lately...hopefully there will be soon...I'm working on getting a certain piece of software to finish up Demonic Furby...and I think Shen was gonna give me something else when he finished it...that's all for now, later.
January, 5 | Sunday(1:27 a.m.): First of all, I would like to thank Ssj3 Shen...I know my site is still small, doesn't have much, and hasn't been around long...but he has brought me over 40% of my traffic...next thing, I now have to finish making Demonic Furby alone...poor me, but oh well...at least I'll do it...and now that school's back in...I have more time to update and fix things up...now, if there are any ppl that are good with graphics, can you make some pictures and send them in??? everybody who sends something in gets full credit of course...cause I SUCK with graphics...hehhehheh
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