The Murakou Fix-The One and Only

This update was damn long in coming.

This is my website. On it, I talk about me.

Me (Physical Description)

I am a caucasian male, height 5'11", weight 170 lbs. I am somewhat muscular, in that I have real, functioning muscles. I have blue eyes and brown hair. My skin is pasty white, but not so pasty that I look dead. You know what I'm talking about.

Me (Personality)

I am a free-thinking individual. My mind is quick like the gazelle and sassy like Allie McBeal. Also, my mind comes in a refreshing mint flavor [not available in the Mexico, sorry]. I am creative and given to long stretches of hugely important innovation. Ever hear of the the child safety-seat detonation device? Yeah, that was MY idea. I am a Capricorn who enjoys long walks on the highway. I don't regret what happened to the motorist who swerved wildly out of the way to miss me. He had that coming. I feel that the best word I could use to describe my personality is "perky." Or "parsimonious." Did I mention I have difficulty making up my mind?

The below is the only link you'll ever need.

Careful, buddy:

Where mortals fear to tread, but you click to get there, so it's ok.

Fat speed kills. FAT SPEED KILLS!!! 1