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Update 30th September 2001

Wow, its been so long since i last updated, i practically ditched the site, well since i have some spare time now after the exams, i decided to look for a new host and i found one :). The problem is they can only host the images and the very small games, nothing over 1mb, thats the downside but at least i'l have the images back up sson. Thanks!!

Update 24th July 2001

Sorry people, my image host has closed down : (
So currentely i don't have a image host, and because of this half my downloads won't work either, so i am looking for a new host to host my pictures, if anybody know of a good hosting site please contact me with the email link below. Thanks!


Okay people, i have recentely gotten numerouse emails about the new 'Dragon Ball AF' this is all false. THERE IS NO DRAGON BALL AF!!. And unless people have evidence to support that Dragon Ball AF is out then send it to me. This does not include the SSJ5 Goku picture for the fan fictions. I know Akira Toriyami is working on a new anime series but i have gotten from a very reliable source that the new anime is not a Dragon Ball one. And for all the people have read the original Japanese DBZ comic, they should know what Akira Toriyami wrote on the last page of the last issue or the DBZ comics.

Movie #5 expected in January 2002, #6 to follow shortly thereafter. #5 will not be released theatrically, #6 unlikely.Infogrames/Wizard Works is currently producing the upcoming DBZ games. First game is "The Legacy of Goku" for Game Boy Advance. Due before Christmas 2001.

If you have any picture's, suggestions, tips, comments or if you have any questions plz e-mail me!

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