Jarrod's Rant
11/08/04- Okay, here is my rant page, starting today. My first rant is about the past presidental election.  Bush won fair and square people.  Kerry put up a hell of a fight, but he did not get enough votes. Period.  The American people have spoken and they chose Bush.  So stop crying over spilled milk and support your President, which is something that should be done regardless of which party that you choose.

My next rant is about p2p networks.  These things are the most awesome inventions of the internet.  They allow for the spread of virtually any medium of information and help to clamp down on the spread of censorship, which is great.  The artists hate them because they feel that these networks are cutting into profits.  My point is if they are really cutting into profits, why haven't CD prices gone up and why haven't the stars gotten poorer?  The answer is that the p2p aren't really affecting anything. In fact it is my opinion that they help things by getting songs shared that never see the airwaves because of the games of the radio stations.  As for movie people, they can just shove it, they make plenty of enough money as it is and a little movie sharing is not gonna hurt their pockets any at all.  If they want to stop that, stop the people who are copying the movies straight out of the theatre, not the people who are downloading it.
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