Ultimate 80s Lyric Quiz - Can you remember line by line 1980 to '89?

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Welcome, or welcome back as the case may be! I've done some tidying up and now the list has been split into 10 pages of about 100 lyrics each. Lyrics are followed by a circle denoting how complete the answers to that lyric are. The key is at the top of each Lyric page. Some lyrics are preceded by a . This means a sample .wav file is available, just click the . There are only a few at the moment - if you want to see more, and have some then please contact me. If you would rather just take a copy to work on later, you can download the text version by clicking here! Thank you, and enjoy!

E-mail: ultimate80slyricquiz@yahoo.com.au

Please remember to include the lyric and line number in your responses!
If you don't I won't be able to process your response.

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