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Hi GD fans!!!
UGDS is now closing in on 2 years old :-) so we've changed the look and have got a new shorter url (www.ugds.cjb.net). also we have updated the tour dates section and are working on some more pages as there havn't been any real updates in ages (i have got other sites too you know)
We have also added a forum and a chat room, plz take a look if you can and remember to sign our guestbook to tell us what you think because, as we've found out, not everyone likes the way the site is, so feel free to tell us if somthings crap (except matts brother :P)).
Please take the time to visit Will's new site at www.dogbrigade.co.uk
Also, if you like Green Day, plz take the time to check Toby's band at www.oocities.com/bluefishmusic
Thanx for visiting
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