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Season 1 - 284th Tenkachi Budokai

Episode #1 -" Making The Cut pt. 1"
The warriors finally make it to the tournament preliminarys. All but Kadija make it into the top 8. Only a few more cuts to go.

Episode #2 - "Making The Cut pt. 2"
New warriors, Leriel & Bazha, show up and show their stuff as well as Suki.
They all make it into the top 8.

Episode #3 - "Final Cuts"
Purge and Sia get into the prelims a bit late but make it in time to show off and get into the top 8 for the final tournament. Now with all 8 warriors ready to show their skills in the ring the Budokai can finally a week that is.

Episode #4 - "Budokoai Start pt.1"
The tournament finally starts and into the first match we see Purge Vs. Shiro. Purge was getting attacked by Shiro from all side but never lost his wits as he managed to block off the fast moving Shiro. With great timing and strategy he blew him out the ring. The next match was Kuuaaron Vs. Suki and things really began to heat up as Kuuaaron was putting up a good fight but Suki had everything planned out. With a lil luck and a broken arm Kuuaaron won the match getting Suki with the ring out.

Episode #5 - "Budokai Start pt. 2"
In this episode the tournament would continue with Ryo Vs Sia. Sia soon becoming the winner of the match.

Episode #6 - "Battle on pt. 1"
The tournaent would continue with Suki Vs. Sia. Sia using her Ice abilities to become the winner of the match.

Episode #7 - "Battle on pt. 2"
The tournament continues as Brother and Sister fight. Liriel and Bazha almost fight to the death with Liriel becoming the winner from Ring Out.

Episode #8 - "Battle on pt. 3"
This would be the final match in the Semi-Finals as Purge would face Liriel becoming the victor to go on and face Sia in the finals.

Episode #9 - "Battle... off?"
The tournament would be interuppted by a terrorist attack at Capsule Corp. Sadly Suki`s mom would be killed and the warriors would have to face off againsta behmount of a man. They were all easily delt with as the man toyed with them. He would go on to escape with the Dragon Radar as  Suki would lead them to the dragonball hidden in Capsule Corp.

Episode #10 - "Getting Answers"
The group of warriors needed some information on what was happening and why it was happeneing. They were led too Kuuaaron`s mom to get information on Gohan which led finally too master roshi.

Episode #11 - "Land Ho!"
The group found out that they needed to go to the lookout on the way they were confronted by another behemouth of a man who seemed to get stronger with a device of his. He was taken down eventually but not for good. However they were given enough time to get away and fly to the lookout.

Episode #12 - "Blast From The Past"
The group were pullled into the Pendulum room by Dende where they would train in the past. They fought against Nappa and Vegeta at their arrival on earth. They all died but with good cause as they were brought back to the future and the battle was only in their minds. They could use this room to get stronger and advance in power to fight the unknown enemy.

Episode #13 - "Manslaughter... Another Lost"
Dende informed the group that the enemy had reappered in Ginger. There Suki would face off against the enemy killing Sia`s brother by mistake in his rage. After getting battered and worn down Kuuaaron would come to his rescue and kill the man attacking. He was given the dragonball and they would head back to the lookout to inform Sia of the bad news.

Episode #14 - "Novus?"
After the last fight in Ginger the group would go back to get some information on where the attackers came froml. They found out that he came from the north mountains and was saying something about Novus being the new world order. The  group would return to the lookout after getting the information.

Episode #15 - "Found and Lost"
The group would head north and finally find where some of the people were Sia would be captured by Scientist and a girl named Eni. While outsite Kuuaaron tried to resue her and Purge fought off against the same man they fought over the water. After much battleing, with the help of Suki, Purge would take down the man. However Sia would be captured as Eni and the Scientist blasted off into space,  Suki, Kuuaaro and Purge had no other choise but to return to the lookout.