Site Rules Version 1.0

1.No Cheating of any kind if you cheat you will automatically be kicked off.

2.Try not to curse alot if you going to curse stick to the un-censored ones Damn,Ass, and Bitch.

3.No newbie gang ups if you gang up on a newbie you will get strike 2.

4.You must do atleast 1 thing a week or you will be claimed inactive and up for grabs for another player.

5.No nagging on updates, if you were not updated or a mistake was made on your page,kindly tell a updater and he/she will fix it.

6.Do not ask to be a Updater or Moderator, become a good member and 2 out of 1,000,000,000,000 you might get to become a staff member :D.

7.Have fun.... I mean it.

Role Playing Rules

1.You have to meet someone in the rpg in a roleplay to know them or have any kind of contact with them. EX:Make Teams,Go Super Saiyan,ect

2.Do not god mode and take turns attacking when fighting.

3.Use these ::::  for actions and ** for thinking . Also () for Out Of Character.

4.To Show continuation in a post, use > or (C).

5. Roleplay In AIM/AOL Chats.


1.You get a warning

2.Your character freezes for a week and you cant battle so basically find somthing eles to do that week.

3.You face the judge.

Learning New Abilities

The way to learn new abilities is to use this site, Click Here, pick an attack you wish to learn and IM the owner, he will tell you the requirements for learning the move and how to go about learning it. Most of the time you will need a certain amout of AP and to right a brief roleplay about it. Others may vary. Try to pick a move you think you can learn not something super-strong.

Custom Abilities

Making up your own attacks is encouraged as you may not like the attacks that the Dbz team as already established. To make up an attack write it`s name and a description of what it dose, send it to the owner through IM and he will tell you the requirments. Custom attacks will more than likely benefit you more than the ones already made up.


You can choose to start of with a weapon, however that will take away from your stats as it cost you BP to aquire it. However a weapon can give you the extra edge needed in combat as it grants you extra power to use in battle. Another downside is that weapons normally arn`t allowed in competitions. If you wish to aquire weapons and you didn`t join with that profiecency, then you must train for it which will away from your regular training.


Going on quest can increase your power an are a great  alternative to training. Quest will be posted for each planet on the Forum. To take on a quest you must simply follow the instruction it states, but make sure you post taking the quest. Some special quest can only be taken once if failed. However ALL quest can only be taken once if you completed it, some let you try again. Also some quest are first come first serve.

Space Travel

Traveling in space requires a space ship of some kind, space ships won`t be implemented into the rpg until later as of now space travel is not allowed.


Transformations will be aquired when the owner feels it`s the right time to do so, or over a large time skip. Most transformatiosn will be aquired in sagas.


Once you die you go to Hell or Heaven. Both places grant unlimited stamina which let you train a lot more than you normally would. Both places also have their own unique quest. The owner will decide which place you go to when you die depending on how you act and what you do. You may be wished back ONCE with the dragonballs from either Earth or Namek, if you die again and you can`t be wished back from Earth, Namek or some other kinda means you can stay dead or make a new character.

Training/Getting Stronger

Training is simple, you have two choices, you can go into a chat room and sparr with someone and post it on the sparring section of the board, or you can go into the training section and write up a training post. The other way to get stronger is to Role Play. Roleplaying is the easiest way to get some points, your roleplay can be about anything you want it to be. Both trainings and normal roleplays will be readand graded by a grader or the owner.


There are no items to be bought however I will give out items in roleplays, quest, events, and sagas.

Relationship Meter

The meter on your page will list every member and how you feel about them. 0 is neutral, it gose  to max at +5 meaning you really like them or -5 meaning you wish they were dead. This also helps determining transformations and attack power.


BP are your Battle Points, you will recieve BP from Quest, Roleplays, Sagas, and Sparring. Once you get it post it in the BP section how you wish to divide these points into your stats. Since there are no levels this is the way to get stronger. AP are your Ability Points and determine if you have enough to learn a new attack, you get these the same way you get BP. You can get bonus BP & AP depending on the extra things you do.

Status Realism

I want to keep it so that its real. So if someone has more speed than you by a long shot then they are a lot faster than you however you may have more strength than them and you are stronger. If they are within 20-30 normally thats considered equal.

Being Evil

Being a bad guy in the rpg will be hard as though the sagas are normally the "bad guys". So if you want to be evil just be evil in nature, such as blowing up people to get what you want or stealing in roleplays. Some sagas have no true bad guy and those are the ones where you can shine. Such sagas are the tournament sagas. But for the most part leave evil up to the saga.


Killing another character is allowed depending on the context of your relationship meeter. You may only kill someone if your relationship with them is -5.

Passive Attack List
Below are the attacks you already have but arn`t marked on your page. It also says how to acivate them.
After Image (Zanzoken) - X2 Speed of opponent.
Double Assault - Both you and a friend use the same
type of for extra impact.
Regeneration (Nameks) - Allows the restoration of body parts and wounds.
Self Destruction - Overload your ki to the point you explode.

Not Here?

If theres anything here that I didn`t talk about for some reason simply IM me at, TsunamiGodx, and I will give you the information you need.