1/64 Saiyans
They first arrived on the Planet Plant in 550AD and eventually took over the whole planet, renaming it Vegeta. They then encountered Frieza, who employed them to wipe planets of their life before being sold. Fearing they would one day overthrow him, Frieza destroyed them all along with the planet, leaving only Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Broly, Paragus and Turles as survivors. The bloodline has been diluted by Human blood leaving on a small race in a few 1/64 Saiyans.

1. When your badly injured and survive you`ll recieve extra BP
2. You gain points in the strength stat for sparrs and other fighting. You also start with more.
Humans inhabit the Planet Earth, most are comparatively weak, because most of the race does not know anything about Ki manipulation.

1. You start with more Vitality and gain it faster with any sort of battle.
2. You gain more AP for anything that grants it.
Namekians are humanoids with slug-like characteristics, including green skin and antennae. They require only water for sustenance and are adapted to a world with three suns, with at least one up at all times. They do not have genders and reproduce asexually by spitting out an egg. The offspring are not genetic copies of the parent; rather it appears as if the parent has some control over what type of child will be formed. This is carried to the extent that they may be mutated and not closely resemble others of the species.

1. You start with Mystic Attack
2. Your Defense stat raises when you sparr or fight in any kinda way. You also start with more.
This in an artificial race.
Usually androids start out as another race, but are 'enhanced' with technology.

1. Unlimited Ki
2. You start with Hikou
Not much is known of their origins. All that is known is that all they have the ability to transform & not just once but several times. Doing so greatly increases their power.

1. You start with the move Invisible Jumping
2. You start with your first transformation
You make it up

1. You start with more speed and gain it from any kinda of fighting.
2. You start with 2 abilities