The registration process is rather simple, all you have to do is fill out the information below and post it on the join section of the Forum. Make sure you follow the rules of the form or it won`t be accepted. Keep in mind I will only be allowing 10 members. Once the spots are taken it will say so on this page, if all spots are taken and really really want to join, consult me at TsunamiGodx and I`ll tell you my answer. Also your stats will be determined by a roll of the dice so don`t worry about that.
Note: The reason for 10 members if to keep a stable storyline.
Join Form

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Open Races

1/64 Saiyans **** - 2/2
Human - 0/1
Namek - 1/1
Android - 1/1
Changeling - 3/3
Other****** - 2/2

* - Your picture must look like the age you picked and if you picked a namek if should be green. Piccolo`s picture can be chosen for this. However you may NOT pick a picture from the dbz series and your picture needs to be from an anime or game.

** - The reason the age is low is because there will be numerous time skips in between sagas and other events.

*** - Your ability shouldn`t be too strong it needs to be a weak rank 1 type of attack that you make up.

**** - In your bio don`t acknowledge being a saiyan because with the geneology of saiyan being so lost and the blood do diluted you would more than likely think your a normal human. Also the reason for only 2 saiyans is there were only 2 family trees for saiyans extending from Goku and Vegeta. Over 200 years there are few where the bloodline can even be traced and that few is 2.

***** - If you choose a weapon it will lower each stat by 10 but you gain an extra attack.

****** - If you race is other you must fill out the following and add it to the form above.

Race Name:
Background Information of Race:
Transformation(s) Descriptions:
Special Abilties:


Race Name: Midorian
Background: The midiorians come from blah blah and are....
Transformation(s): Hyper Midorian
Special Abilities: Various Animal Forms