Ultimate Business Services Presents

The Ultimate Link Book!

Over 400 quality links to opt-in mailing lists, forums, message boards and classifieds sites that will allow you to place your business opportunity ad for FREE!

And, really, what's better than free?  Included in the price of this e-book, you'll receive FREE updates for three months-as I find new links, you'll receive them in your mail box for FREE!

Why spend your valuable time searching through search engines and mailing lists when I've done all the work for you?  This book lists all of these great links on fifteen pages, concise and organized, so that you'll have more time to connect with your potential team members.

Building a team takes work.  Not only do you have to find the leads, but you have to show them the worth of both you and the company.  There are so many scams on the internet that people have become nervous about which opportunities to invest in.  Add that to a growing group of opportunity seekers who are better educated, and more motivated to work, and you have an environment that makes it much harder to close.  Your time should be spent building relationships with your leads, not tracking them down.  Using this e-book will save you valuable time!

This e-book is updated monthly.  Not only do I add those new links I told you about, but I test every link in the book to make sure it's still a working, active link.  Mailing lists must have active participants, and at least 300 members, message boards and forums must have recent posts, and the classifieds must be generating traffic to be listed in this book.  This guarantees that your posts WILL be seen!  You'll get an email each month for three months with new links, and notations on any links that are no longer active, so you're not wasting your time!

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Ultimate Link Book (downloaded in Microsoft Word format)


Ultimate Link Book (downloaded in Notepad format)


To make sure your mail group, forum, or classified site is included in the next update, email me with a link!  It's a great way to increase your traffic!