8-11-02 7:34 PM
    ---The World Tournement will be re-schedualed due to lack of participants today.  The Winner of the Tournement will recieve $2,500 and Ultra Pikon Weighted Clothing and a mystery prize , while the runner up will recieve $1,000 and Namekian Weighted Clothing, and everybody gets a bag of 5 Senzu Beans just for participateing!
1. No senzu's in the fight.
2. No killing (If a person gives up then let them)
3. Obey the OP(s) there.
4. No arguing.
5. Have fun.

7-23-02 9:31 AM
    ---Since the tournement is in 3 halves (first half, second half, finals) we will have 1 half a day.  The first half will be on Saturday.  Is 3:30 ok with everyone.  Just post on the forum (general) If 3:300 is either good or bad.

7-22-02 9:59 AM
    ---I randomly determined the places for the tournement and you can see that under match.  Also under systems I have add "Xer's Chapter" Which is just a few new set of rules.  Also I want all of you to recruit people.  RECRUIT PEOPLE. The more the better. Anyway Thats all for today.

7-21-02 11:27 AM
    ---Yes we have 8 Members.  I have been fixing a few things here and there to make it balanced.  The tournement will hopefully be sometime next week.  There will be 16 slots those not filled my members will be re-placed by NCP'.  There farther up in the tournemnet you make it the more PL and money you will gain.  The 1st place  participant will recieve $2,000 while the second place participant will recieve $1,000.  The placment will be determined by me, by talking to you individualy in a secret manner.  The following people that are participating are: Accerot, Sanitus, Kirk 7, Noid, Xer, Koroshi, Vivi, and Sephiroth. Also you will get more PL for each oppisite (Good/Evil) you fight. Enjoy this is finally almost completed.

7-19-02 8:54 PM
    ---Ok we have 6 members now so from continualy please from Sanitus I think we can start.  We still need to recruit more members though.  Anyway DONT DO ANYTHING before the world tournement because that'll offically start this RPG.  How bout Next week sometime around 7 EST? Is that good with everybody? Let me know at ace930@hotmail.com or through AIM at acerod88.  Please try to recruit as many people as possisble because the more people we have the better it'll be.  Also I added 6 new techs and changed some things here and there.  Also one more thing the mage system is almost done but not completey so if it sounds too strong or too weak tell me and I'll change it as I see fit.

7-18-02 8:42 PM
    ---It has been a long time since I updated but we just got 2 more members.  Vivi and Xer.  Anyway try to recruit more people A.S.A.P. We should start once we get 1-3 more members. And by the by Sanitus if you ever make a "hawk" again on my file Ill shoot the hell out of you :).  Anyway enjoy.

Email me at or Sanitus at: ace930@hotmail.com
To report a broken link please email ME at ace930@hotmail.com