What is an EXE File?
How do i use it?
An EXE File is the file that is used to launch your game. (The icon in PROGRAM  FILES).

When you copy a game the EXE File becomes invalid so it needs to be changed in order to play the COPIED game.

How to use it.

Step1) First download the right EXE file for you game and be
           carefulwhen choosing which one to download because some
           games have a vast number of cracks.

Step2) After you have downloaded the file extract it from winzip by
           right clicking on the file.

Step3) move the file into the same directory as the icon that launches
           the game Usually under C:/programfiles/

Step4) After you have done this delete the original EXE file that
           starts the game (The icon with the logo of the game)

Step5) Restart your computer and make an icon on your desktop.
           Always use this icon to start the game then or the shortcut
           you have made. 
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