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The Ultimate Sports Grillers Class B amateur baseball team has folded after fifteen seasons (five as a Class C team and ten as a class B team).  The Grillers finished 19-13 in 2005 and missed the state tournament for the second year in a row and just the third time in the past nine seasons.  Brent Schloe, the Grillers' manager for the past four seasons, decided to not return as manager and no one has stepped forward in the past few weeks to assume the responsibilities of running the team.  The process of folding the team has begun and all players on the 2005 roster will be given their releases.

Most of the Grillers have made verbal commitments to joining new teams over the off-season, but no names or teams will be released until actual contracts are signed on or after March 15th.  Full and updated league rosters will be discussed at the March 19th Lakewood League meeting.


The Archives link has been updated to include all Griller hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics from 2000 through 2005.  All players who were on a Griller roster in any of these seasons are included in these stats.  Most of the stats prior to 2000 are incomplete and not included in these totals.







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