Is there a Cure for AIDS, Lupus, Cancer, & Hepatitus C?  You be the judge. Many Believe there is almost a cure for any of the above!

Thousands have been saved!!!

A new product is now available called HFL.  HFL is made from all natural ingredients and herbs from around the world.  The 22 step manufacturing process turns this unique combination of ingredients and herbs into a compound that has been shown to be a successful AIDS and cancer cell fighter and an immune system booster.  The current formula was discovered in 1996 after extensive testing on lab mice.  Since then, over 3,000 patients have seen their cancers go into complete remission after using  HFL.  Many of these patients were terminal cases and had been given only a few weeks to live by their doctors before taking HFL.

Of course, each case is an individual situation and no two patients heal exactly the same.  However, HFL has been shown to successfully treat all types of malignant cancers with some tumors reducing in size in a matter of days with others taking longer.  Past reported cases have also found HFL to be effective against AIDS, Lupus, Hepatitis C, and numerous other infectious and viral diseases.

A Naturopathic Medical Doctor on staff as a consultant at a hospital in Mexico, has reported great results from the use of HFL in a study of more than 50 terminal cancer patients in Mexico, Canada and the USA.  Patients with prostate, lung, breast, liver, colon, and other types of cancer have been included in the study - which is ongoing.  Other physicians have reported the same incredible results, with no side effects.  In fact, to date, no side effects have been reported from anyone using HFL, and it is safe to take with other medications.


HFL is very easy to administer, most patients are treated as out-patients and take the HFL in the privacy of their homes.  It is recommended that once a patient starts taking HFL, he/she should continue to take it until a doctor says that the cancer is in complete remission, because if the patient stops taking HFL before the cancer is in complete remission, the cancer will return.  Cancers have never returned after a patient is in complete remission.


Photo #1 is a lady that has been fighting cancer for 3 years and her doctors had given up on her as being a terminal case.  She has lung cancer that has spread to other areas of her body.  A biopsy was performed under her arm.  She started taking HFL and this photo was taken 3 weeks later, the cancer is exiting from her body.  Photo #2 was taken about 3 weeks later and the area has scabbed over and is in the process of falling off.  Photo #3 is a man that had 2 huge skin cancers on his neck.  One was the size of a golf ball, and the other was smaller.  He is a business man, and could no longer wear his necktie.  He applied the HFL directly to the affected area and the cancer swelled and became angry red and there was some pain.


After two days he applied more HFL directly to the affected area and continued to take the HFL orally, dissolved in fruit juice.  After 2 direct applications he discontinued the topical treatments and continued the oral treatments by drinking the HFL dissolved in juice.

Photo #3 shows where the cancer has fallen off of his neck and is beginning to heal.  A total of 3 cancers came out of the top area so there was a total of 4 cancers present in his body.  Photo #4 shows the patient's neck after about 35 days, the cancer is gone and his neck has almost healed.  In cases like this, if a patient doesn't pull the cancer scab off, it will heal, the hole where the cancer was will fill in, and there will not be a scar in most cases.

Cancers have never
returned after a
patient is in
complete remission.

He is a business man, and could no longer wear his necktie.

has shown to be about
95% effective against
all types of cancers and
has been 95% effective
against AIDS.

It is a very low cost treatment compared to conventional treatments.  It is all natural herbs and is classified as a dietary supplement.  It is not addictive, can not be overdosed, and has no side effects other than an occasional upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach.

Some Leukemia patients have returned to normal in as little as 2 weeks, especially children who have not had their immune system destroyed by chemotherapy.  Some AIDS patients have returned to normal after 1 week.  The longest AIDS case has taken

4 months, but all have returned to normal blood counts.  Once the patient returns to normal, we recommend that the patient take a maintenance dose three times a year of about 2 doses per day for one month, then wait about 3 months and repeat the two doses per day for a month.  This will keep the patient's immune system at a very high level and other diseases and illnesses will not invade the patients body.

The only people who have not benefited from taking HFL are the ones that wait too long to start taking the herbs, and the ones who don't take it at all.

For further information concerning this "Miracle in A Bottle", contact the address below or the listed telephone number.

HFL has been shown
to successfully treat
all types of
malignant cancers...

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