[Metropoville Fire Awards for Incredible Layout]

We are proud to say that this site - the premier Kristin Kreuk fansite -  was awarded by the Metropoville Fire Awards for Incredible Layout.


Hello to all the Kristin Kruek fans from the webmasters of this site 'the premier Kristin Kreuk fansite', formerly known as the 'ultimate kristin kreuk' site. 

Since the sites inception, originally created by Chrysta, she has worked hard to get her hands on relevant information, and she would like to give a big thank you to all those who have helped her out with the site. Chrysta also has been working on another site, which has had 3000 plus hits since its inception.

Now a new webmaster has joined the team here at 'the premier Kristin Kreuk fansite' and I shall introduce myself to you as Benny. I made contact with Chrysta during mid-2002 and offered my assistance to her in creating a great site. As a result of the joint efforts of Chrysta and myself, we have brought to you a site that is functional, informative an fun!


If you have missed Smallville this Tuesday you can catch up on Sunday like always on wb, easy view. To check your local listings, visit www.wb.com

Older episodes of Smallville - Re-runs of your favourite epsiodes of Smallville can be seen on Tuesdays on Warner Bros network.

[Smallville declared as the hot show of the season]

According to www.newsday.com the show 'Smallville' in which Kristin Kreuk stars as Lana Lang was seen by over 8.1 million viewers in the US in the first week of Ocotober 2002, which is believed to be a show record. Smallville had a 4.8 rating, and more than 25% over last season's average. What does this show add up to? This is network TV's fastest growing show.

[new on the site]

There are several video clips available for download in the 'media' section of this site.

Several images have been revised since July 2003...happy surfing :)

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