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I built this website for FREE online support of the 94 Mazda Mx6 LS 2.5 (v6 kl03-mtx equiped). 
Most of the information on this site is applicable to the KLZE and 93,95-97 Mx6's.  Also Ford Probes with the v6 motor.
I do not have information on Turbos, Superchargers, 1st gen mx6's or the 2.0 2nd gen mx6's, If anyone is willing to submit information, ill be more then happy to post it if its user freindly.
Click here for details on how to submit. Most of the information on this website is from other websites,users and companys. I did this to make this website the largest resource for finding mx6 related topics easily.
Any Information used from Ultimate Mx6 is strictly the users responsibility, Anything done to your car is your responsibility. If you dont know what your doing, you shouldnt be doing it. This website is a resource for car enthusiest that are mechanically inclined and need the proper information to easily and correctly fix problems with there mx6. That being read, I hope you find this website useful  thanks for visiting..
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