Hey everyone! I am very close to finishing Puder-Source, and was going to shut down Ultimate Puder when I was done. However there have been some immature people on the tag-board, so i figured there's no point in keeping the un-updated site up. And to the people on the board, have a little respect. We webmasters and webmistresses of wrestling sites try our best to keep up with our site, but unlike yourself we do have lives!!! So we appreciate what everyone does and don't go trash-talking if there has been no updates. Also to those who keep writing this to me, Puder is NOT fired. No, his profile is no longer on wwe.com....but that is very old news. There was no point to keep a profile up if he wasn't wrestling on TV. Puder is at OVW training, just in case you didn't read that in the many updates I DID have.

So for those that are fans of Puder or at least are mature enough to visit a site and be appreciative no matter what, I thank you very much, and you can go see the new site HERE.

And for you other morons....get out!