AbOuT ThiS SiTe
This site is the one and only Super Saiyajin site! It is a big thank you to Akira Toriyama and his animation development team for making Dragonball Z and GT possible. My respect in this site is all towards them. And God for blessing me with the computer to create this site. Anyway this site is about one of the most popualar anime in the world. Dragonball Z and GT. It contains info on the shows and pictures for those fans out there who want some pics. It also contains video clips, Full episodes, and some animated clips. There are codes for games such as "Dragonball GT Final Bout(US Version)", "Dragonball Final Bout(Japan Version)", "Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22", and "Dragonball Z Legends". It contains some other anime such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. So enjoy the site and please sign my guest book.