Dragonball GT
Dragonball GT is the continued version of Dragonball Z (somewhat) but in Japanese. The main character is still Gokou. The saiyajins all reach very high power levels. Gokou and Vegeta are able to be Super Saiyajin 4, which is where the upper part of the body is covered with hair, but not covering the knuckles to the fingers, the chest muscles or the ab muscles or his face. They both grow tails. Their hair gets longer, but not as long as Super Saiyajin 3 would be. Gokou is wished as a child again by an old man, and Chibi Gokou( young Gokou) meets his grand daughter Pan. Which she is a little bit older than him and meets Marai Trunks (teenage Trunks). Goten is older and has a girlfriend named Palace. Also an evil and very strong enemy comes into the picture, Bebi. He takes over Vegeta to become Bebi Vegeta. But the world's hopes depend on the Saiyajins.