Prince Vegeta
       His anger to become stronger and better than Gokou has made him evil, his anger takes over him in the Babidi Saga and made him Majin Vegeta. He has spent years trying to train to become the strongest saiyajin in the world, he sometimes kills himself training so much. He once blew himself up in his training building, he shot a Final Flash Attack that bounced off the walls and went around the room, he instant transmitted in the wrong spot and the attack hit him killing him and destroying the building. He tried all his life to be a Super Saiyajin, but never reached it until the Trunks Saga. He becomes Super Saiyajin 2 when Babidi makes him Majin Vegeta. In GT he transforms into Super Saiyajin 4 with Bulmas help. He is married to Bulma and has a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bra. He would have to be the 3rd strongest saiyajin.