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  The newest source for roller coaster and theme park information is currently under construction. Ultimate Thrill Parks will contain the Roller Coaster Encyclopedia, a list of current roller coasters currently in operation and their stats, a Roller Coaster Technology section containing information on how roller coasters work, and many other features.  
  Updates (or lack there of)  

Once again it has been a while since my last update. Between work, school, and another website I have in the works I have been neglecting this site. But the site has maintained a steady flow of visitors and I have been told I need an update! So here it goes.

  Disney officially announces plans for new attractions at DCA  
  Disney's California Adventure, Anahiem, CA

Cynthia Harriss, President of the Disneyland Resort officially announced plans for new attractions at DCA, today marked the parks 1 year anniversary. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will opne in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot District for 2004. The ride has been a huge success at the Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, FL and should definatly draw a crowd when it opens. The second new attraction will open this fall, Flik's Fun Fair will be a play area in the new Bug's Land area of the park which will include the current Tough to Be a Bug show and Bountiful Valley Farm. Among the rides and attractions for Flik's Fun Fair are:
• “Flik’s Flyers,” a simulated bug-size hot air balloon ride;
• “Tuck & Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies,” a crazy drive-it-yourself bug car ride under “P.T. Flea’s” circus tent;
• “Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train,” a miniature railroad ride;
• “Francis’s Ladybug Boogie” aboard spin-‘em-yourself ladybugs; and
• “Princess Dot’s Puddle Park,” a playground themed around a giant-size sprinkler. has some pictures of the construction well underway
For a nice look back at the construction of DCA check out

  Six Flags Over Georgie to land Superman Ultimate Flight  
  Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta, GA

The park made its announcement in mid-January for its 2002 coaster.Superman Ultimate Flight will be the first flying coaster in the south. It will reach speeds of up to 60mph along its 2,759 feet of track, including its one of a kind pretzel - shaped inverted loop.

Six Flags Over Georgia Net has some beautiful construction pictures.
As well as
Six Flags Atlanta

  Hersheypark's Roller Skater continues construction  
  Hersheypark, Hershey, PA

Construction is well underway at Hersheypark new Roller Soaker coaster.This roller coaster is guarenteed to get you drenched, if not by the water geysers than the water sprayers will get you. Nine 4 passanger cars travel its1,300 long track as other guest aim and shoot passangers with water sprayers.But dont worry passangers can get their revenage by dropping up to 4 gallons of water on guests below.

Head on over to Hersheypark's webpage to see the construction.

  Magic Springs saves a classic coaster  
  Magic Springs, Hot Springs, AR

The newest ride at Magic Springs isn't exactly a new one, but a roller coaster with a new lease on life. Big Bad John is an Arrow Mine Train coaster being moved from Dollywood.

Construction pictures available at Lone Star Thrills

  Six Flags New England announces its plans for their newest roller coaster  
  Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA

Although the official announcement made on 2/6/02 of their newest attraction was somewhat limited some details were confirmed. The new coaster for the 2002 season will be Batman - The Dark Knight a 117ft heigh, 2,600ft long, and 2 minute and 20 second floorless coaster.

For a peak into the construction of Batman - The Dark Knight check out Theme Park New England

  Wicked Twister nearing completion  
  Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio

Cedar Point 2002 coaster is really taking shape. The 215 foot ride is the parks 15th roller coaster and will open this season.

Visit Cedar Points web cam to watch the construction.

  Tomb Raider to change face of the thrill ride industry  
  Paramount's Kings Island, Cincinnati, Ohio

Although details for this new thrill ride at PKI are still limited it is said to change the face of the ride industry. Tomb raid will be a heavily themed indoor dark ride, the building will be 8 stories tall. Rumors are running wild about the true nature of this attraction.

Visit the official PKI site for some pictures.

  Disney Treasures going fast
If you like Disneyland you might want to hurry to to order this one today. This item is no longer for sale at the Disney Store and many other locations. Features rare television coverage of the park including the 1955 Grand Opening hosted by Art Linkletter and Ronald Reagan. Also as the 10th anniversary special. and more.

Check it out at

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