What is the deal with Tori's earrings from 1992-1998?
What is Tori's relationship to Robert Plant?...Neil Gaiman?
Does Tori have TMJ or a jaw problem?
What does Tori do with the letters and gifts she recieves?

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1.Tori and the Piglet Photo in the "Boys For Pele" booklet.
2.Who was Marianne in the song "Marianne" in "Boys For Pele"?
3.What's up with the "Tornado" remix of the song "Talula" on "Boys For Pele"?
4.Tori and Courtney Love; Tori and Trent Reznor
5.Tori and school: what was she like?
6.Does Tori Amos know Heidi Fleiss? Tori and prostitution.
7.Tori's rape experience and RAINN.
8.Was Tori mentioned negatively on the Roseanne show?
9.Was Tori mentioned negatively on the Howard Stern show?
10.Was "In the Springtime of His Voodoo" mentioned negatively in Entertainment Weekly?
11.How much is my (insert CD name here) collectable worth? Price Guide.
12.What's the deal with Tori and Eric Rosse? Does Tori still sing "Song For Eric"?
13.What's the story behind Tori and Bosendorfer pianos?
14.What is the relationship between Tori and Maynard from Tool?
15.What's up with Tori and faeries? Why hasn't she thanked them lately?
16.Where can Tori recieve fan mail?
17.How much cash is Tori really worth?
18.What is that foreign mumbo-jumbo at the beginning of "Not the Red Baron"?
19.What is that weird noise during the song (INSERT TITLE HERE)?
20.What does Tori do with letters and gifts she recieves?
Q: What kind of controversy was stirred up by the photograph of Tori suckling a piglet to her breast in the album insert booklet for "Boys For Pele"?

A: A special edition of the album was issued to libraries in America where the photograph of the piglet had been digitally edited out. This version of Boys For Pele is the rarest officially-isssued, non-promotional version of the album. A man from Los Angeles, California, USA got into a car accident; he alleged that the cause was his shock at seeing a giant billboard advertising the album and featuring the photo. He filed suit against Tori and Atlantic Records but the suit was dropped.

See the photograph in question at

Q: Who is "Marianne" in the song "Marianne" on the album "Boys For Pele"?

A: To the best accounts the song Marianne is about a girl from Montgomery Village, Maryland named Marianne Curtis. Marianne attended Richard Montgomery High School with a then Ellen Amos. Her family was very religious and Marianne had gotten involved with drugs and alchohol, something the family was in denial about. (Tori has relayed to fans in personal conversations about the topic that the line "Tuna, rubber, a little blubber in my igloo" was inspired by an incident in which Marianne gave Tori a pair of almost new blue jeans because Marianne's drug use had made her so skinny that she no longer fit into them.)

According to police records in 1978 Marianne went to a weekend-long party and was doing cocaine, smoking pot and drinking heavily. She and a friend set out to buy more booze on Saturday evening and their car became lodged in some mud off of Montgomery Village Avenue. Marianne got out and attempted to push on the back of the car while the friend gunned the engine. The combination of drugs in her system combined with the physical exertion caused Marianne to collapse. The friend tried to administer CPR and then laid her in the back seat while she ran off to get help. By the time she returned Marianne had died.

Rumors about Marianne's death were abundant in great part to the reluctance of the family to discuss the truth of the matter because of their religious convictions. It was widely speculated that Marianne had suicided, thus the reference to the matter in the lyrics.

Read the song's lyrics at

Q: Why did Tori release a "Tornado" version of the song "Talula"?

A: The most impartial and honest answer that can be given is that she did it for the money. Not that there's anything wrong with that! The song Talula seemed just fine to us but a remix version done by BT was included on the soundtrack to the film "Twister." (It played in the background on someone's car stereo during a scene in which it was mostly talked over.) When the remix version was released Tori gave vague comments as to why she made a Tornado version of the song. She claimed that while mixing with BT he showed her how many websites there were for Tornado chasers; since she knew there were a ton of websites about herself, she felt a kind of bond with the idea and thus the Tornado Mix concept was born.

We all know Tori does tend to speak in circles and leave things up to interpretation, so the most logical interpretation is this: the makers of the film asked Tori to contribute the track to the soundtrack and for whatever reason (Atlantic's objections or Tori's own feelings about the song) Tori decided she would do so as long as she could submit an alternate version of the track. Tori has herself referred to one of her other soundtrack contributions as something she did to "pay for the new kitchen." In fact, when one listens to the track it sounds much like it's simply a different mix of the song with the introductory and closing lines about tornado-chasers added at the last minute.

+ For the record: the song "Talula (the Tornado Mix)" is included on the "Twister" soundtrack. All CD singles issued of Talula have this version of the song though some refer to it as the "Tornado Album Version" and some as the "TOrnado Edit". The music video for "Talula' also featured this mix.

Q: Is "Professional Widow" about Courney Love? Also, did Tori have a romantic relationship with Trent Reznor, and is the song "Caught a Lite Sneeze" about him?

A: There is a reason we have combined these two topics into one question. First let's address the obvious, absolute facts. Tori definately had a friendship with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. They were seen spending time together in New Orleans in 1993 during the recording of Tori's "Under the Pink." Part of that album was recorded in Reznor's studios in New Orleans and he makes a vocal appearance on the track "Past the Mission." The only connection that can really be said to be solidly known between Courtney Love and Tori is a comment love made around the same era. Love said, rather cruelly, that the reason her late husband Kurt Cobain committed suicide was because of "that awful cover that Tori Amos did." (Previously she had said that he and she slow danced to it; quite a turn of facts on her part.) While there is some truth to the staement (only because Cobain allegedly suicided due to his own fame and popularity which was no doubt added to by the cover,) it is more likely that this was just one of Love's many rants.

However, this is essentially were fact ends and speculation begins. The remainder of the information that we will quote in this text comes from the book "Courtney Love: the Real Story" by authoress Poppy Z. Brite. Brite wrote this book with the permission of her friend Love and it is arguably the most factual account of Love's life and the events surrounding her husband's death. WIthin the book references are made that insinuate that Tori WAS, in fact, having a romantic relationshp with Reznor and that furthermore Love was the woman that came between them.

In "Real Story" Brite asserts that some time in 1994 another famous woman in alternative music (who is never named) came to visit Reznor at his New Orleans home. The key that she had did not work. When she tried to call Reznor on his cellular phone the number had been changed. Eventually the book alledges that a security guard came out and escorted the woman from the premises. Love was allegedly inside the home with Reznor enjoying the spectacle. The way that the text is written heavily insinuates that the woman in question was in fact Tori.

If this is true (and it is important to note that Brite is a respected authoress who is not prone to flights of fabrication, but that the book *IS* written in a flattering light for Love) then it seems very likely indeed that "Professional Widow" would be about Love. Not only would it be an elegant way for Tori to retaliate to the viscious statement made by Love. If it is not, it seems like grande coincidence that the lyrics could so easily be about Love. Other than the obvious references to bringing "it" (a gun) to "your lips" and "don't blow those brains yet, we gotta be big" (famous) there are lyrics which seem to directly reference Love's personal life, and that the layman listener may not understand. (Love's father was a roadie for The Grateful Dead and ended up becoming fairly famous within the music community because of it; Love is, arguably, only famous because of her marriage to a famous person. Ergo: "Starfucker/Just like my daddy." Additionally it could be easily assumed that "Caught a Lite Sneeze" is about Reznor because of the references to a love that was "so small/couldn't stand at all" and that she "made (her) own pretty hate machine." (Pretty Hate Machine is the name of a Nine Inch Nails album.

Another take on the story comes from interviews in Spin Magazine. In them Tori references that sometimes it is important to take the advice of your female friends. Through interviews with Tori, Trent and Courtney it is insinuated that perhaps Love gave Tori some false information about Trent which she believed only to discover that it was false; but by then it was too late. Tori said to a fan once that Courtney had approached her at a show and hugged her and that perhaps Courtney had changed her ways.

In the end, though, the majority of this is just speculation. Reznor declines to comment about the issue (though once at an autograph signing when asked to sign a copy of the single for "Past the Mission" he stated that he didn't think Tori would like the idea.) When asked Tori has stated that "Professional Widow" is NOT about Love, and that "Caught a Lite Sneeze" is NOT about Reznor. But then, this could be Tori's way of telling the truth without actually telling the WHOLE truth. After all, the songs could be INSPIRED by these people or her experiences with them but not actually ABOUT them. In the end Tori's stance has always been that her songs are meant to be open to interpretation, and in her own words, "I don't think people are really that interested in who I'm sucking, or who's sucking me." Well...obviously they ARE, but we get the message.

Q: What schools did Tori go to? What was she like in school? A: Tori attended Richard Montgomery Highschool in Rockville, Maryland and graduated the 12th grade in 1981. One of her foreign language teachers remembers her annoying everyone in class by singing all of the time. Kathryn Barington, currently a manager at Giant Foods in Montgomery County, Maryland recalls her daughter attending ballet classes with Tori in the 9th grade. During her senior year Tori was voted as "Most Likely to Succeed (Female,)" "Best All Around (Female,)" "Homecoming Queen" and "Most Talented (female)". She participated in several school musicals including playing Gypsy Rose Lee in the musical "Gypsy."

Tori took several semesters at Montgomery College (Rockville Campus) in 1981. Steve Campanella, the set builder and a theater producer at the college for over thirty years, remembers Tori as being a spirited young woman with a beautiful voice but that she was constantly "bouncing through the halls." Susan Hoffman, the head of the Speech, Dance and Theater department at Montgomery College (and staff member for nearly 25 years) remembers seeing Tori SMOKING CIGARETTES outside of the doorways on a regular basis.

More commonly known is the fact that Tori was the youngest person admitted to Baltimore's prestigious Peabody Music Conservatory. Tori was admitted on full scholarship when she was 5 years olds, but the scholarship was withdrawn when she was 11 because she refused to read sheet music. She preferred her own interpretations of the classical pieces, and further, she preferred to play rock songs. She attempted to come back at the age of 12 but after a re-entrance audition they declined to have her. On the British television show "V. Graham Norton," host Graham read a letter from one of the administrative staff at The Peabody. They said they were of course very proud to have had her and they included a photograph of a spiral staircase that they thought she might "remember fondly." Tori pointed the picture and said "Yeah, there's the staircase" sarcastically, not remembering it at all.

For information on The Peabody Conservatory of Music visit
their webpage.
For information on Montgomery COllege visit their webpage.Please do not harass the staff with questions about Tori.

Q: Does Tori Amos know famous prostitute Heidi Fleiss? What's up with Tori and hookers?

A: All indications point to yes. Tori has made references to the fact that she was friends with quite a wide variety of people in the 1980s while living in Los Angeles (who wasn't during that era?) Among them were some prostitutes; she has specifically mentioned a pair of "bisexual models and prostitutes who offered to have a three-way with me." (This is referenced in the song "Glory of the 80's": "And two Bugle Boy models saying 'hey baby, it's a freebee/you sure look deprives.'") The song "The Wrong Band" from 1994's "Under the Pink" would seem to be about her friends from that era who were part of the world's oldest profession. In particular she mentions a "Heidi" by name in the song, as well as a "sweet fat man" from whom the "she" in the song "gets her cigars." Part of the evidence against infamous Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss included gift cards written to her from a high profile client that were included with large boxes of cuban cigars.

While only slightly-off topic, Tori has said in interviews early in her career that because of her experience with sexual assault she was sexually closed off and during her relationship with longtime boyfriend Eric Rosse she would sometimes pretend to be a protitute. It made it easier for her to make love with him.

Q: What are the details of Tori Amos' rape or sexual assault experience? What is RAINN?

A: We will start off by saying this: we don't believe Tori Amos is a liar, and ergo we take what she says at face value. What she says about her own life is fact, as far as we are concerned. Although she is a celebrity and speculation about the personal lives of celebrities is generally fair game for discussion (within reason) the act of rape or sexual assault is not something to be flippantly bantered about. If it hasn't been discussed by Tori herself, it's none of anybody's business and we won't answer your emails about this topic.

That being said, it's first important to establish what rape IS. Something like rape is, in our opinions, definable differently by almost any individual. The word itself is used in non-sexual terms. (Example: "the raping of the wetlands of Florida") At it's innermost core, rape is defined as the taking of something against the will of the possessor; abusive or improper treatment or violation. In that respect any individual who is sexually assaulted or upon whom sexual interaction is forced is a victim of rape.

Legally speaking, however, things are defined different. Tori's rape took place in America, and thus we will use for a legal definition those definitions defined by American law. In America, a person is raped when he or she is forced to submit to sex acts, ESPECIALLY SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. If a crime is sexual in nature but does not actually include something defined as a "sex act" then it is classified as a sexual assault. Although the rules vary from state to state it is widely practiced that anything other than vaginal, anal or oral penetration is classified as a sexual assault. It is then, unfortunately, often the horrible experience of the victim to have to fight to get that classification "upgraded," as it were, to rape.

All of this being said, these are the details Tori has shared about her rape experience: she was doing a show at a bar or lounge in the late 1980s in Los Angeles. A fan of her music who was a regular at her shows asked her for a ride home. During that ride he pulled a knife on her and sexually assaulted on her. He urinated on her and made her sing hymns. Eventually whatever subtance he was on wore off and he left her to go get more, allowing her to escape.

Because Tori has never discussed the specific sexual elements of her experience (nor should she be expected to) it is speculative as to whether or not her experience was classified as a "rape" or a "sexual assault." Extensive discussion has gone on about this matter on various Tori Amos internet discussion boards. The fact of the matter is thus: who cares? When discussing something of this nature (and there is no doubt that it SHOULD be discussed, because discussion leads to education and healing) the absolute most important thing is that one respects the feelings of the victim. In this case, Tori refers to her experience as a rape. That is the only thing one needs to know.

Tori has stated that she didn't discuss the experience for years and that it was unlocked within her after seeing the film "Thelma and Louise" which features a very explicit rape scene. It is then common knowledge that the song "Me and a Gun" was written. Obviously as Tori has stated that a knife was used in her experience the song is not completely autobiographical, but it is influenced by real experience. The result of that negative moment in her life and the consequent healing is that Tori founded RAINN, The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

RAINN is the United States' only 24 hour, toll-free, completely confidential hotline for victims of sexual assault. It is run out of a small office in Washington, D.C. RAINN is a non-profit business that coordinates fundraising to support a 1-800 number that can then connect callers with a local rape crisis center or counselor. There are no actual counselors working *FOR* RAINN - a common misconception. RAINN has experienced varying degress of success and financial stability since it's foundation. In 1996 designer Calvin Klein designed a t-shirt to raise money for RAINN. In 1997 Sunglass Hut did the same. Steve Madden designed a shoe that benefitted the organization.

The most recent (and most successful) attempt at supporting RAINN began in 2001 with the "Happy Birthday, Tori" fundraising parties. Each year around the time of Tori's birthday (August 22nd) parties of various sizes are thrown around the globe to raise money for RAINN.

To learn more about RAINN visit
RAINN's website or call 1-800-656-HOPE.

To learn more about laws surrounding sexual assault in American visit this informative website.

Q: Was Tori mentioned on the show "Roseanne"?

A: Yes indeedy. During an episode when Roseanne's character has locked herself in her bedroom and refuses to come out, the other cast members are debating how to force her out. Martin Mull's character Leon, the effeminate gay co-worker, says "Two words: Tori Amos." The point is to insinuate that piping Tori's music into the room would be unbarable enough to force Roseanne out. Johnny Glaecki's character David then says "Hey! I like her!" as if to further cement that only depressed grunge boys like Tori's music. It is often misquoted that Sandra Bernhard's lesbian character Nancy made the actual negative remark. Roseanne (the person) often used other characters than her own on the show to express her own opinions. In fact she is a big Tori fan, and Tori appeared on her Talk show on October 1st, 1998 to discuss RAINN.

To learn more about Tori's appearance on Roseanne's talk show
visit this page on The Dent.

Q: Was Tori mentioned on the Howard Stern radio talk show?

A: Yes, indeedy. Howard Stern said some pretty nasty things about Tori, particularly about her rape experience. IN 1997 the song "Silent All These Years" was reissued in alignment with the new RAINN promotion by Calvin Klein. Radio and TV stations were asked to air the song or video at exactly the same moment around the world and most complied. Howard Stern recieved the press release and the single and then played the song, commenting over it about how Tori needed to "just get over it already." He commented sarcastically, "Yeah, she's a real party." Co-host Robin Quivers who herself addressed her own molestation in her autobiography joked alongside him saying that "if I can get over it she should too." Of course we're talking about a man who played the sound of gunfire over a Selena song.

Tori responded to the remarks in a January 17th, 1997 New York Post interview. Quote: "Somebody said that Howard Stern said sarcastically that I was a "real party", but you know, rape isn't about a party. If something like that happened to somebody he loved, he better hope I'm not about a party when that moment happens and they need help. I'm really doing this so that people can go to a party. I'm doing this so that people who feel that at 21 their lives are over, or they don't know how to have an intimate physical relationship, that they can be beautiful people again."

Q: What's up with "In the Springtime of His Voodoo"? Is it really the single Tori song to get the worst reception?

A: Yes and no. After the dance remixes of "Professional Widow" were such a smash hit Atlantic Records was desperate to keep Tori in the clubs (and thus keep her popular and make more money.) They issued an American CD single of remixes for "In the Springtime of His Voodoo." The mixes were not well recieved, especially by fans, and although they recieved minimal club play they didn't come close to touching the success of "Widow." Further, in an Entertainment Weekly poll (clearly the authority of public opinion) the song was voted as the "WOrst Song Title" of 1996. In 2001 Tower Records had put thouands of copies of the single in their bargain bin for 99 cents.

Q: How much is my (insert name of Tori related item here) worth? A: The face of music collecting is changing with the times. Where a CD would once fetch you a hundred dollars, now it might barely fetch you twenty. This is due in large part to the advent of digital music trading. Thanks to file sharing services people can get a collection of B-sides and rarities they couldn't have ten years ago and burn them to their own CD in the course of a few hours. These days music collecting is really limited to people who do it as a passion or hobby, even if only for one particular artist.

Tori collectables are no exception. Just five or six years ago a copy of the limited edition "Silent All These Years" single would sell on Ebay for something like $75-$100. These days you can probably fetch one for $25 or $30. The poor economy (globally, really) coupled with digital music has made it very easy to stack up your collection at a bargain rate, but it's a bummer for those selling off their own collection for, say, rent money.

There is a price guide available at the R.M.T-A. website but we have to admit with much respect to them we feel it is outdated. This is our version of a price guide for Tori-related collectables. For the most part we feel these prices are an accurate reflection of the times (mid 2003.) If there is a particular item you want to see listed here let us know and we'll research it and add it. These prices are what we feel you would likely get from a collector on Ebay.

A few important points to remember: the value of collectables is directly related to how desirable that collectable is. Desirability has a huge impact on value, moreso than many other qualities. For instance, normally a CD that was recalled or has a misprint or was pressed incorrectly would have a great deal of value because of those qualities. Even though Tori's "Glory of the 80s" 2 CD set from the UK features those qualities it is not very valuable because nobody but the most avid fan/collector actually wants it. Adversely, one would likely get a good price on the American cassette single release of "Caught A Lite Sneeze;" even though cassettes are less desirable to collectors than CDs, and though this cassette was fairly easy to come by when released, the song was far more popular than "Glory of the 80s."

A final note: This guide is done from an American point of view. To someone in, say, Japan, an American CD single might be worth more than a UK one (which is likely the one they would find in a local store.) All of this is subjective. The most important thing to remember is what "Danfreaka" recently said so clearly on @forumz: "The value of any collectible is whatever someone is prepared to pay for it."

Our Price Guide:

Basic Guide

Anything pre "Little Earthquakes": $100-$1000
Any limited edition singles: $35-$75
Any non American CD singles: $15-30
Any American CD singles: $3-5
Any non American cassette singles: $7-10
Any American cassette singles: $3-7
Any 12" vinyls: $20-30
Any promo 12" vinyls: $30-40
Any 7" vinyls (non jukebox): $15-30
Any 7" jukebox vinyls: $3-5
Any promo CD with non-exclusive material: $15
Any promo CD with exclusive material: $20-30
Any test pressing, acetate or exceptionally rare item (less than 500 pressed): $50-100


"Baltimore" 7" single: $500
(with "Ellen Amos" resume inside, $600)
"It's a Happy Day" 7" single: $1,000
"The Big Picture" 7" single: $40;
promo 12" single: $65
"Cool On Your Island" promo or commercial 7" single: $50
"Me and a Gun" 7" vinyls: $40 CD single: $30
Original pressing CD single or promo: $40
"Silent All These Years" (original 1992) 7" vinyls: $40
CD singles: $30
Limited Edition Single: $40
Cassette single: $10-15
Promo CD Singles: $25
"Silent All These Years" (Reissue 1997) American CD single or cassette: $3
Any CD promos issued: $15
"China" Cassette singles: $15
Any of the European versions on CD or vinyl: $30
12" Vinyl: $40
Promos: $35
"Winter" U.S. "limited edition" CD: $3
Cassettes: $10
European CDs: $20
Limited Edition UK CD: $30
Any vinyls: $30
"Crucify" U.S. E.P. CD: $9.99
U.S. E.P. Cassette: $5.99
Any Cassette single: $10
European CD Singles: $20
UK Limited Edition Boxed Set: $40
Any Promo CD: $15
"Cornflake Girl" U.S. CD: $3
U.S. Cassette: $5
European CD singles: $15
U.K. Limited Edition CD: $35
U.K. Cassette: $10
Any Promo CD: $15
"Past the Mission" UK Single: $10
U.K. Limited Edition Single: $25
Any Cassette: $10
7" Single: $20
Any promo CDs: $15
Promo CD w/ RAINN announcements: $20
"Pretty Good Year" UK Single: $15
U.K. Limited Edition single: $25
Any cassette: $10
7" Single: $20
Any promo CDs: $15
"God" U.S. CD: $3
U.S. Cassette: $10
Remix CD: $25
12" Remix vinyl: $30
7" Picture disc: $15
Any promo CDs: $15
"Caught a Lite Sneeze" US CD: $3
Any Cassette: $10
European CD Singles: $15
U.K. Limited Edition CD: $20
Any Promo CDs: $15
"Talula" UK CDs pt. 1 or 2.: $10
U.S. CD: $3
Any Promo CDs: $15
12" Promo Vinyl: $25
"Professional Widow" US CD: $3
US 12": $10
US Cassette: $5
Any promo CDs: $15
"Professional Widow (It's Gotta Be Big)" UK Single: $10
UK Cassette: $7
12" Vinyl: $10
Any promo CDs: $15
"Hey Jupiter: U.S. E.P.: $9.99
UK single (W/ Widow mixes): $10
Any Promo CDs: $15
"In the Springtime of His Voodoo" US CD: $3
US 12": $10
12" Promo: $15
Any Promo CDs: $15
"Blue Skies" w/ BT: UK CDs pt. 1 or 2: $10
12" Vinyl: $15
Any promo: $15
"Spark" US cassette CD in Jewel Case: $3
US CD in tray: $5
European CD singles: $10
UK Limited Edition CD: $15
Any Cassette: $7
7" Jukebox vinyl: $3
Any promo CDs: $15
"Raspberry Swirl" any European CD Singles: $10
12" Promo Vinyl: $20
"Cruel/Raspberry Swirl" U.S. CD or Cassette: $3
"Jackie's Strength" U.S. CD or cassette: $3
7" Jukebox vinyl: $3
Any Promo CDs: $15
"Jackie's Strenth" Remix CD: $5
12" double vinyl: $10
"Bliss" American cassette CD in jewel case: $3
American CD in tray: $5
7" jukebox vinyl: $3
12" promo vinyl: $20
Import CD singles or cassettes: $10/15
Any promo Cds: $15
"Glory of the 80's" Misprinted UK 2 CD set: $20-30 as set
"Concertina" US CD single: $3
"1,000 Oceans" US Cassette or CD in jewel case: $3
US CD in tray: $5
Import CD singles: $10
Any promo CDs: $15
"Strange Little Girl" UK "recalled" CD single: $10
Any promo CD singles: $15
"Scarlet's Walk" UK CD single: $10
Any promo CD singles: $15
"Taxi Ride" promo CD singles: $15

Full Length Albums

"Y Kant Tori Read" Original CD in longbox w/o cut mark: $300
Original CD in longbox w/ cut mark: $250
Original CD w/o longbox: $150
Original promotional CD: $100
Original vinyl w/o cut mark: $150
Original vinyl w/ cut mark: $120
Original promotional vinyl: $80
Original cassette w/o cut mark: $130
Original cassette w/ cut mark: $120
Original promotional cassette: $100
"Little Earthquakes" US CD, Cassette: $5
Other countries CD, Cassette: $10
Promotional CD: $30
Promotional Cassette: $25
Promotional release with alternate track listing: $100
12" Vinyl: $25
Minidisc: $30
"Under the Pink" US CD, Cassette: $5
Other countries CD, Cassette: $10
Promotional CD with missing cover artwork: $25
Promotional CD with rejected cover artwork: $100
Promotional 4-trk sampler cassette: $30
12" vinyl: $20
12" pink vinyl: $25
Any other promotional release: $20
Austrailian "More Pink" 2 CD set: $60
"Boys For Pele" US CD, cassette: $5
U.S. CD w/ Tornado remix, record club version: $7
U.K. release missing "Springtime," w/ "Widow" remix: $15
Other countries CD, cassette: $10
Double 12" vinyl: $20
Any manner of promotional CD: $15
"From the Choirgirl Hotel" US CD, cassette: $5
4 Track Promo Sampler: $15
12" Vinyl: $10
Other countries CD, cassette: $15
Any manner of promotional CD: $20
"To Venus and Back" US CD in digipak or jewel case: $10
US Cassette double: $15
Other countries CD, cassette: $20
US 4 track promo live sampler with edits: $20
US 8 track promo sampler: $20
Any other promotional CD: $25
"Strange Little Girls" US CD, cassette any cover: $5
UK CD, casette any cover: $10
"Policewoman" cover: $20
Other countries CD: $15
Any promotional CD: $20
"Scarlet's Walk" US CD, Cassette: $5
Limited Edition US DVD set: $25
US Promo 6 track sampler in sleeve: $10
US promo 6 track sampler in jewel case: $15
UK CD, casette: $8
UK limited edition DVD set: $30
"Scarlet's Stories" promo CD: $20

Promotional Music Items

"Precious Things" Promo CD Sampler: $150
"Little Drummer Boy" Promo CD single: $30
Any of the variety of Christmas samplers f/ Little Drummer Boy: $20
"I'm on Fire" promo CD single: $30
"London Girls" promo CD single: $40
"Sampler/Let's Do it Again" promo 12" dance record: $30
"Mad @ Chris" promo 12" dance record: $50
Any of the variety of double-packaged album combos: $30
"Ruby Trax" boxed set f/ "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout": $50
"Tea With the Waitress" interview CD: $35

Items f/ Tori (but not exclusively)

"China O'Brien" VHS tape featuring Tori on backing vocals on "Distant Storm": $10 "Mosquitos" album by Stan Ridgeway, any format: $10
"Without You I'm Nothing" by Sandra Bernhard f/ Tori on "Little Red Corvette" 12" Vinyl: $30
Cassette: $20
CD: $40
"Phantom Center" by Ferron f/ Tori on backing vocals, original issue CD: $20
Re-issue: $10
"I Wanna Get Back With You" Tom Jones duet with Tori CD single: $10
7" vinyl single: $15

Q: What's the deal with Tori and Eric Rosse? Do they get along? Does Tori still sing "Song For Eric"?
(question submitted by CARA)

A: Somewhere around 1995 Tori Amos and her longtime lover and musical collaborator Eric Rosse split up. Eric was a major influence on the production and sound of "Little Earthquakes" and "Under the Pink." He retooled the piano that you hear on "Bells For Her" and as Tori once put it the industrial noises on the song "The Waitress" are "just Eric being demented."

Tori and Eric had been together for nearly 10 years and were very much in love. It was a very different time in Tori's life. Her career had just begun and it was really not so long after her rape experience. She had really only just entered the healing process when they met, and she has relayed that their sexual relationship was sometimes troubled.

For all that is known their parting was amicable. Eric appeared on the "VH1 Behind the Music" about Tori; it seems unlikely he would have agreed to do so if they did not get along. Also, he still attends her concerts when she is in Los Angeles. It would seem that as a couple they simply drifted apart; Tori has stated that Eric was getting uncomfortable with the way she was addressing their private life in public.

Of course, if you are a big speculator (see the Trent Reznor entry earlier) then the timeline would suggest that Tori MAY have moved out of a relationship with Eric to be in a relationship with Trent. But that's a BIG, BIG maybe. As for "Song For Eric;" this is a lovely a'capella b-side included on the Silent All These Years limited edition CD single. The song was written for Rosse and Tori often performed it in 1992; less frequently in 1994. These days she doesn't perform it at all. I seriously doubt this is for reasons of animosity but simply because she is now married to another man and although the song resonates with the true feelings of a past time, those feelings are memories rather than present truths. The last time it was performed in concert was on November 8th, 1998 at the Ben Light Gymnasium at Ithaca College. The song had been requested by a woman who's friend (named Eric) had been feeling depressed. Tori did it as a final encore and stated beforehand that she wasn't going to do it but changed her mind.

Q: How did Tori discover Bosendorfer pianos? Is there a reason she choses them over others?
(question submitted by CARA)

A: It seems that somewhere around the early 1990s Tori was introduced to Bosendorfer pianos, but we're not certain whom. She has made reference to being introduced to them by a friend. The history of Bosendorfer is very rich. In 1828 the company was founded by Ignaz Bösendorfer who recieved a permit to move to Vienna, Austria and build pianos. Bosendorfer is the sole piano maker to continually uphold the Vienese piano making tradition. In 1845 Bosendorfer came into world reknown when incredibly aggressive pianist Franz List, for whom EVERY piano he had previously played was demolished by the end of his performance, played a Bosendorfer and it remained intact.

The legend continues now forover 150 as the Bosendorfer piano remains associated with THE most beautiful, well crafted and impressive instrumentin human history. Tori has mentioned that she took a tour of their factory and made the decision to exclusively play Bosendorfers after she saw that the men crafting the wood had photographs of nude women taped up all around them for inspiration.

Q: How did Tori meet Maynard James Keenan of Tool, and what was their relationship?
(question submitted by Melanie)

A: We don't really know a lot about this question, so if someone has additional info please let us know! The only public appearance Tori and Maynard have made together was during the "Live From New York" video broadcast in 1997 during which they sand "Muhammad My Friend." It is likely that they are just good friends as Tori said that when she was feeling down he would "call her and sing to her." This is the extent of our knowledge on the issue.

Q: Tori talked about faeries a lot early in her career and was known for giving "loopy" interviews; what happened?
(question submitted by Sylphide)

A: Tori makes it very clear both in her music and in her interviews that she is a very spiritual person; she does not seem to discount the possibility of truth in any religion, myth or belief so long as that belief doesn't oppress others' beliefs. Within spirituality there is always an element of mysticism that one might "believe" in but know in a very solid way that it isn't tangibly real. So one must question: does Tori really believe there are LITERALLY faeries fluttering about and interacting with the human world, or is she just being whimsical and metaphorical?

Early in her career Tori was often portrayed by the press as the newest "oddity on the block." Described as "The Little Mermaid on Acid" or a "Fruit Loop," she certainally did nothing to play down this image. Talking about the faeries was only one facet of her conversational style; one that has often made her very inaccesable as a pop-star. It is also true that somewhere around 1998 Tori started being more forth-right and direct with what she had to say in interviews. Was this just a way of Tori's taking in the reigns of how she was portrayed in the media?

What is likely is what Tori herself has said SINCE 1998. During Tori's co-tour with Alanis Morissette it became clear that Tori seemed to have a set of "stock-answers" for interviewers. She would reiterate repeatedly comments about the two of them bringing trailers or busses full of wine and lip-gloss, and how they would compare shoes, and so-forth. In fact it was around this time Tori gave a more personal interview to someone where she confessed that for most interviews she had these "stock-answers." And when one looks back further one can see a pattern; for instance, in or around 1995 many of Tori's interviews involve her discussing how huge her piano is ("9 feet, honey!")

But back to the faeries; whether or not TOri's belief in them is literal or not, she certainally hasn't abandoned them. Although she is not thanking them in liner notes as literally as days past, she claims that they are "in there." And they continue to influence every live concert she does; you simply can't attend a Tori show without some young persons fluttering around in their very own wings!

Q: Where can Tori recieve fan mail?
(question submitted by Julie)

A: There is only ONE address where it is acceptable to send fan mail to Tori. Although you may be able to locate other addresses for Tori, or her family, or anyone associated with her, sending mail through them to try and get to her makes you, in our general opinion, a great big piece of filth. Seriously, people; if you were famous would you want your family members harassed by strangers trying to contact you? Of course you wouldn't. So here's that address:

Tori Amos
C/O Spivak Entertainment
11845 West Olympic Blvd
Suite 1125
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Q:I know Tori has had a successful career, but how much cash is she worth?
(question submitted by NToro)

A: The fact of the matter is this isn't something Tori discusses and since she has chosen not to discuss it we really don't want to go into the trouble of reasearching it. Look at it this way: she talks about owning coutoure shoes that cost $1,000 a foot, several houses and twenty-thousand-dollar pianos. Or look at it another way: if she has made even just 50 cents off of every album she's sold, she's still made $3,500,000 from album sales, and that's not counting touring, merchandising, singles, and other professional projects. So although we can't quote you an exact net worth for Tori, rest assured that she and the next 3 generations of the Amos-Hawley family will be doing just fine.

Q: What is the mumbo-jumbo at the beginning of "Not the Red Baron"?
A: The story goes: two of Tori's sound engineers on Boys For Pele (Marcel Van Limbeek and R.O.B.) were Dutch. The recording you hear of "Not the Red Baron" on the album is literally the first time the song was ever played and it is recorded as is. The mumbling you hear in the background to which Tori replies "No, Dutch!" are Marcel and R.O.B. discussing sound engineering specifics. The question: "What Language?" Their reply: "We're speaking in Dutch; do you want us to speak in English?" Her response: "No, Dutch!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q: What are the various noises that I don't recognize throughout TOri's albums?
A: Tori once said that tape is an amazing thing; it picks up and records everything that's going on in a five mile radius. As such it seems like Tori has often felt like keeping a natural sound in her songs, including noises and talking that might not have been part of the song. The most common noise you will hear is the sound of air rushing into or out of the piano followed by a echoing thump; this sound is Tori releasing one of the sustain pedals on her piano. This occurs in so many songs it's pointless to list them all. But here, in alphabetical order, are some song titles with the noises most asked about. (If you think of others, email them to us!)
"Beauty Queen": The clicking and buzzing/churning sound you hear is that of a leslie cabinet, a type of speaker device that rotates back and forth on a pedestal.
"Happy Phantom": if one turns up the volume very loudly one can hear, at the very end of the song, Tori saying "Oops!"
"Muhammed My Friend": the tapping sound you hear (most prominantly in the beginning between piano chords) is Tori rapping her knuckles on the piano.
"Professional Widow": the roaring sound that you hear in the rhythm loop of the song is actually a bull roaring. Additionally Tori has said that the sound of bullshit being shovelled has literally been mixed into that loop.
"Raspberry SWirl": Somewhere between the end of the first chorus and the beginning of the second verse a muted male voice can be heard to say "Now it's time for a blowjob!"
Q: What does Tori do with letters and gifts she recieves?
A: As with any celebrity fans want the chance to express their gratitude or personal stories to Tori through letters or gifts. We can say with almost complete certainty that every single letter that Tori recieves (especially at live concerts) is read. We can also say that it would be bearly impossible for her to respond to each and every one individually. But if you have something you want Tori to know, then write her a letter, and rest assured that she will take it to heart.

Gifts are another matter all-together. We want to come at this from the most practical P.O.V. possible, so please don't take offense, okay? Tori doesn't need all your crap. Okay, we're KIDDING! But only partially. As with giving a gift to any person, it's important to put some consideration into what you're giving. There is a saying that the rich are the most likely to be given things at no cost, and it's true. Although the gesture of balloons, flowers or a stuffed animal might be sweet for your Aunt Florinda, Tori really doesn't need these things. Likely the animals are donated to a charity, and of course the flowers will wilt and the baloons will burst. Here's an idea: instead of buying those things, donate an amount of money that they might cost to a charity (like R.A.I.N.N.) in Tori's name and then present her with a certificate announcing your donation!

Also, just remember that more personal gifts like your paintings, poetry or handmade clothes might be very much appreciated but an individual only has so much room on a tour bus. There was one point when Tori donated a lot of these items to RAINN with her own story as to how she got them and autographed them to boot! Just to show you how MUCH she gets. So again, we just urge you to truly consider what you're giving and how best to express to Tori your admiration in a way that isn't somewhat of a clutter.

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