September 24, 2002 Update! For the first time in a year! Sorry about that guys, I'm just a lazy jerk and I computers. News- we have made big changes to our sound. Instead of straight up surf rock we now sound like distorted Dick Dales doling distinct, desperate, doubly devious dubs directly to dirty denizens of the punk underground. (There aren't many ways to say "punk underground" with synonamous "D" words.) We have played many a show and I am sorry that I did not post the information, but now you can see the info for our next show, which is coming up at the beginning of next month! For all gig dates, check the upcoming section. 2001 Welcome to the homepage for Xerophim, a Colorado based surf/punk rock band. We rock harder than a rabid wombat nibbling on a timid buck-tooth named Terra. Join us on our wild and zany exploits as we rock across the state and continually profess to be a surf band, though none of us have ever really surfed in our lives. On this page you can delve into our mysterious and dreadful minds by clicking the "Us" link, view bowel shakingly gruesome photos of the band members through the "photo" link, catch us the next time we rock the house down with the "Upcoming" link, download our fabulously fantastic songs in MP3 form with, you guessed it, "MP3s", and contact us by that other one. What you just read was a horrendous garbling of grammar in the longest run-on sentence I've ever had the pleasure to be ashamed of. I mean really, it took up six lines. Anywho, click one of the links NOW or you better sleep with one eye open tonight.

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