Chris ultirian.
Ultirian is a decendent of a family tree, a decent one a honest one a good one, he was blessed with traning from the dragoon knights andthe mages of the same guild to help him on his way he used to work as a iorn forger and when he descovered a new substance mag, he was blessed as a knight and a mage at the same time now he wanders the land as a reformed saviour even thogh he is a mortal one, looking afeter the poor, week, and young to make shure that the little few people in the world who is good are protected from the vampires, demons and outhers like them.
Name: Chris Ultirian
Age: 18
Resides: In Tenira.
Wepons: Sikled Spear, MagBlade, MagArmor.
Magical ability: Medum level gravity magic.
Traits: Worred about females, untrusting.

once there was a world of peace and unity now there is not, but I am here for you."
"Where Chris Ultirian comes from and what his real traits are like are for you to find out he is a char of standing loving and there for you if you deserve it.....good day." Silverdragon Knight
Ultirian Mannnor.................................
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