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Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized, forcibly medicated, or murdered.


A secret United States government has been in place for the last several decades. The purpose of this secret government is to guide, change, and shape American society. Decades ago a decision by the government was made that social engineering would be necessary to prevent the United States from breaking apart and falling into civil war.

The United States government has enormous influence around the world. It projects its military might to deter its enemies. If the United States were to breakup and fall into civil war, it would lose its world influence. In order to prevent the demise of the United States government’s influence domestically and worldwide, a decision was made from the highest levels of government that covert domestic actions inside the Untied States would be required.

A secret United States government was formed and began domestic covert operations inside the United States. The responsibility of the secret government is to work behind the scene covertly targeting people and groups that threaten its agenda. The secret government operates above the law. Only a handful of specially selected prominent American citizens know of its existence.  For the last several decades the secret government has been changing and shaping American society into what it perceives American society should be.

The secret government has an agenda and is actively working in communities across America implementing their agenda. People and groups that oppose its agenda are covertly targeted.

The agenda of the secret American government is the following:

1. Stronger laws enacted against mentally ill people

2. Desegregation of communities throughout America.

3. Rid American communities of crime from organized crime and gang violence.

The secret government uses the same classified surveillance technology against its own citizens as it does against foreign adversaries. Classified technology that can electronically see and hear through walls is being used to implement the secret government’s domestic agenda. Classified non-lethal weapons and harassment technology are being used to harass, attack, and murder American citizens.

A significant part of the secret government’s domestic agenda is a war against the mentally ill. The secret government wishes to strengthen laws against the mentally ill. In order to accomplish this, the public’s opinion of the mentally ill must be changed. The mentally ill are attacked and harassed with classified technology so they will commit a violent act. The American public hears horrific stories, such as mothers killing their children because God told them to do it, and their opinion is altered into supporting the new stronger laws.

The secret government also has been covertly infiltrating segregated white communities in order to desegregate the communities. Classified surveillance technology is used to place community members who oppose desegregation under covert surveillance so strategies can be developed to desegregate the communities.

The secret government places organized crime members and gang members under surveillance with covert surveillance. Strategies are developed to rid communities of crime by targeting elements of a community that are engaged in illegal activities.

The secret government is building the communities of tomorrow with social engineering. This social engineering has been ongoing for the last several decades. A good number of the urban legend stories most Americans know of are the result of the secret United States government creating hoaxes or tragedy in order to change the way the American people think. The American people would be shocked if they ever learned the extent the secret United States government has manipulated them over the decades.

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