Ultra Doll Icons
Thank you all for your help. We have enough people as of now, but we will keep you all in mind.
Welcome! Thanks for stopping by...read the rules really quick (I swear they'll be short...maybe) and if you really don't want to then...read them anyway. The only rules are that of common curtesy. We (Caitlin and Erica) work hard on these icons...meaning don't steal them! People are confused about what stealing is, so we are going to set the record straight. Stealing is not making the icon your icon for aim, stealing is putting the icon on your website and saying you made it or submitting it in to a site like ibum and saying you made it. If you do and we find out there will be consequences. We try to be original and unique...we're glad you like our taste, but it doesn't take skill to copy and paste. We're welcome to suggestions, comments, disses, anything. Ok...now that wasn't too terrible was it? I didn't think so...
We are now also on Icon Hell and Doll Hell under cuteass88, and iconator under kokogi.
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Or...IM us on dawildangel1 or dreamer8837
Special thanks to Cariese, who has helped us with a stealing problem on iconator!
If you have any respect...don't direct link! Thank you...
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