Okay, hereís the deal. I like sex. I know women arenít supposed to say that. Weíre supposed to be shy and lead men on. I donít care. I like sex. Iíve had sex with lots of men and I expect to have sex with lots more. That doesnít mean Iíll sleep with anyone though. To get me you have to be d&d free, you have to be funny and you have to be normal. Freaks and weirdos Iím not interested in.

Still with me?

Hereís whatís next. We talk online. I have an account at ifriends, my nickname - ULTRA_ACTION (you can check it out for free). We can use webcams or just chat, whichever you want. Impress me and we can set up a time to meet in the flesh. Impress me in the flesh, and the chances are Iíll want to bed you.