Our Purpose

Alright. This page is for the everybody out there that's part of the Yahoo! RP community. We are hoping to provide our community with a good place from which to both learn about RP and to contribute to your own thoughts on RP to others. To that end, We are currently engaged in Project Endaron. The birth of a new world is nigh, and hopefully, it will soon be ready to play in. Those of you out there that know me will recognize a few of my settings that you may have played in already. Good for you who know who you are. We are taking on contributors to add to Endaron, as well as to add information to the site itself. Artwork, diatribes, RP terminologies, facts, and opinions. If you have something to say that you want the rest of the RP community to know, this is where I hope it can go. If you are interested in becoming a site contributor, either send me an IM or an E-mail at ultragamemaster9000@yahoo.com . In as much, this is a painstakingly huge undertaking and as of yet there are only the smallest amount of people working on it. So, please, feel free to contribute to the cause, this is after all, for you. If I'm not online, that's okay, send me stuff anyway, I'll get back to you. Oh...and last but not least, if you plan on sending me something, make damn sure you can type as your submission will not be put up if you can't spell, or if you have no grammar. Shit, which reminds me, we need to set up something on here to educate people on grammar and spelling...


Feb. 22, 06 - Alright the Endaron section has been reworked to help with the bogged down page as well as organize it a bit better as things are added. There are Player pages and NPC pages coming soon but I like to tackle one big piece of work at a time. You will also notice that the contact information has been moved from this page and placed over on the navigation bar as Contributors so that people can be found easier. People wanting to be added on as contributors need to inform the GM and then the web designer can be notified.

Feb. 20, 06 - Recently a new web designer has taken over the page, hence the new look so try not to give her too much of a hard time. She's trying. Also there have been new developments on a world setting, sort of an effort to get us all rallying around a world rather than a scattered bunch of story lines that don't mesh. That's all for now, the site is mostly frame work right now but is to be updated.

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