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Orthodoxy and Islam

~ Orthodox mission in muslim world ~

What is the Orthodox Church? What is the Orthodox Christian faith?

Metropolitan George (Khodr). "Christian Mission and Witness in the Middle East"

Fr. Daniel B.D. Byantoro. "History the Birth of the Orthodox Church in Indonesia"

Yurij Maximov. "A History of Orthodox Missions amongst the Muslims"

Yurij Maximov. "—ontemporary mission Russian Orthodox Church among muslims"

Jim Forest. "Albania's Archbishop "Resurrection""

Julia Kokoshari. "Orthodoxy in Albania"

Ann Rodgers-Melnick. "Orthodox churches reviving missionary tradition around the world"

Kirill Sultanov. "The Russian Orthodox Church and Islam in Central Asia: an Example of Good-neigbourliness"

Paul Mojzes. "Radovan Karadzic about Orthodoxy and Islam"

"If your neighbor is a Muslim... (some notes for simple people, not for missionaryes)"

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