An Anna Montage and Lecture
March 25, 2006
I'm in the fourth quarter of my junior year, and I enjoy being an upperclassman- roaming the halls, knowing all the teachers personally, knowing who most of the people are.  Plus, it's fun to have my little sis as a freshman.
This second I'm typing from Salem, Oregon, where I'm spending Spring Break with family.  I attended the small, Mennonite school where my uncle teaches and my cousin attends today.  The fam is totally cool, and they're feeding me whole grains and organic produce.  Uncle D got my started on chickens- he has them, as well as a handsome garden and ducklings.
I could go on and on about how I flew on my own for the first time yesterday, and how I missed my second flight because my first flight was delayed and I almost had a panic attack and I talked to some strangers and enjoyed that and a beautiful boy sat behind me on the plane and when I finally got to Salem I couldn't find my aunt and cousin for 45 minutes and I called Mom back in Ohio (it was 2 a.m. in the morning there time).  But I'll skip that story and get straight to what my future goals are.  My future goals are interesting, and I think you will think so.
* Note:  these are old school pictures of me.  The bottom one, with mi padre, was taken two years ago.  So you're just going to have to use your imagination to see how beautiful I am today!
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My Life Goals:
This summer, I want to be a camp counselor.
Next year, I want to do wrestling statistics at school and get an A in Calculus.
I want to go to a Christian college.
I want to learn to speak and read both Spanish and Chinese fluently.
I want to teach English as a Second Language.
I want to help people and let people help me.
I want to travel the world.
I want to get married, if I find the right guy.
I want to a kid biologically and adopt kids of different races.
I want to write a book.
I want to win a Spider Solitaire game with 4 suits.
I want to show love to others and be a witness.
I want to follow God more than anything.