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UNPARALLELED is a rap/hip hop duo that branched off from a foursome in 1994. Various listening parties and performances have created an underground buzz from Alabama to North Carolina.

  Getting radio airplay in markets unfriendly to the hip hop genre is a struggle, but talent shows and guest spots have kept this group in the hearts and minds of their fans. Fortunately, the radio market is opening up for this group, and the tour appearances and club dates are skyrocketing.

  In the links section, you will be able to find out more about the dynamic duo, and also get the special bonus of finding out about the newest film company to light up the entertainment industry, Centcom Entertainment. Ofcourse, we also hit you off with some UNPARALLELED flavor (we know what you came for). Drop a line or two in the guestbook to let us know who you are. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy. You're kickin' it with UNPARALLELED.
The dynamic duo known as UNPARALELLED
The Storytella Upclose
The MICrophone Philosopher Upclose
An UNPARALLELED Musical Experience
The Director's Cut
Group Info: For booking or tour info, please email us at....
Email: UN_PARALLELED@yahoo.com
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