Chapter 1~ The Journey There

"Warrick are you sure were not lost, we have been in this smelly Tahoe for like ever, I can't stand the smell anymore!" Sara complained from the backseat.

The whole crew, Grissom, Catherine, Nick, Sara and Warrick were all going on a Thanksgiving long weekend vacation. They were heading anywhere that was away from the Las Vegas noises, "The Strip" of casinos, bright lights, and most important the crime lab. All five of them are cramped in one Tahoe heading towards God knows where and very restless, cranky and smelly.

"How can we get lost Sara? We don't even know where the hell we are going" Nicky replied. He was getting really cramped in the backseat being sandwiched between Sara and Catherine. Although Catherine was sleeping in a ball leaned against his shoulder he was fed up with being the monkey in the middle.

"Turn here War, it's a place we could spend the night that's not a truck and has actual beds" Grissom finally said.

Warrick obeyed and took the turn a little to sharp, which made everyone slide to the side making Sara crash into Nick, Nick fall to the side making 'sleeping beauty' Catherine smash into the window. Everyone heard her head hit the window pane hard enough to crack it.

Catherine then fluttered her eyelids open and screamed "Ouch what the hell! Can't you see I was sleeping, Jesus!" All pairs of eyes were focused on the irritated, cranky women they just awoken. They didn't talk, instead they were just starting at her. They have never seen her like this before, ever.

"Sorry Cat," Warrick appologized looking through the reviewmirror, "I didn't mean to do that, but you sure did hit your head pretty hard because your bleeding" Warrick finished seeing the rage in her eyes.

Catherine felt the side of her scalp and felt something sticky, she took her hand away and her fingertips were pure red, covered in blood. "Thanks, I will just get the first aid kit out when we stop and clean it up"

"Um Cath," Sara whispered, "We ah we have stopped"

"Oh well then where are we?"

All five of them got out of the compact Tahoe that was covered in candy wrapers, clothes and half drank pop bottles. Since Catherine and Sara were bunched up into tight little balls in the back seat, beacuse Nick was hogging the whole bench seat they had cramped legs. When the girls got out hoping to stretch their legs out and walk a few steps they collapsed on the hard cement parking lot instead.

"Did you have a nice fall?" Grissom asked with a smile on his fac. Sara stuck out her tounge at her boss and extended her arm out for him to grab and help her up. Griss helped her too her feet as Nick helped Catherine on the other side of the truck.

"So what's the name of this place?" Warrick asked and they all pointed to the weathered wodden sign that read "Nightmare Cabin".

"You have got to be kidding" Catherine said to herself, her face went pure white as she remembered why she hated this place.

"What's wrong Cath? It's just a stupid cabin place and were only staying one night" Nick stated, ĻAre you scared of a little cabin place?Ļ

"One night is all it takes" she whispered but covered it with a smile,"Your right Nicky nothing wrong and it's just a stupid name," She claimed and started to walk towards the office as the rest of the gang followed.

Chapter 2~ Past Returns

All five of them entered the main office. It looked like a Tornado had hit it. The office consisted of a very dirty L shaped desk with one guy behind it watching TV not even aware that he had customers. Sara walked up and rang the bell that was situated on the desk.

"How may I help you?" the man asked not looking away from the screen.

"We would like 2 cabins please, for one night only"

"Alright, let me get you the keys and then you can be on your way. You're interrupting me"

He got up and grabbed the keys and threw them at Sara. She caught them and put on a nice enough smile even though she didn't mean it. She handed one key to Nick and the other one to Catherine as she got out the money and paid.

The cabins were beside each other and they didn't look that big. The guys got cabin 12 and the girls got cabin 13. They were the only ones at the resort and no one was surprised that the place was deserted.

"Oooh spooky you girls got cabin 13 maybe I was wrong Cath maybe this place really is haunted," Nicky said while Grissom, Warick and Sara snickered.

"Ha, ha very funny Nicky" Cath said sarcastically and everyone stopped laughing and stared at her, she really did look worried.

"Chill out Catherine, we're just joking around" Sara replied.

"Well, you wouldn't if you knew what happened to me out here okay"

All eyes were glued on her. They stopped their laughing and put on there serious faces. Everyone seemed to be confused, well everyone besides Grissom, he already knew what happened, and he swore he wouldn't tell anyone.

"I'm sorry Cath,I-I didn't know, man I feel really bad now, I'm sorry"

"Of course Nick," Catherine said with a fake smile on her face, "I could never stay mad at you, now if you excuse me I would like to clean up my head wound" She grabbed the key from Sara and started walking down the path towards their cabin.

"Poor Cath, something pretty bad must of happened to her to be like this. This is not the happy, fearless, crazy Catherine we all know and love." Warrick said.

"Yeah, she sure is acting strange" Sara stated and shrugged her shoulders, "I will keep and eye on her, just to make sure nothing happens" Sara said and hurried down the path to catch up with Catherine.

The guys slowly followed behind talking and fighting over who gets to sleep where and who gets to take a shower first. Although in the back of each of their minds, how Catherine had been acting around everyone was bothering them, as if it was a shift in the universe and it gave them all the feeling that something horrible was going to happen.

Chapter 3~ Confessions

The inside of the cabins were pretty small. There were 2 queen size beds with a small kitchen area and a very tiny bathroom. Sara flicked the switch and 2 lights came on. The cabin itīs self looked pretty freaky, both outside and in.

Catherine dropped her bag on one of the beds and then walked towards the bathroom. She turned on the lights and a whiff of out dated beer and the stench from someone's crap hit her in the face. There was a small sink that seemed to have mold growing on it around the drain and taps. The showerhead also had mold on it and the curtains stunk like hell.

"This bathroom smells worse than the Tahoe!" Catherine called from the next room, "I didn't even think that was possible." Catherine said and heard Sara laugh.

"Have no fear, Sara's here with her noxonal 9," Sara replied in a superman voice hopping into the doorframe brandishing a spray bottle of noxonal-9. Catherine looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow wondering what she had taken before they went on then road trip. "It will kill the stench so you can take a shower and clean up your wound." Sara finished and started spraying it around everywhere.

"Okay, what did you smell in the Tahoe" Catherine said and began to cough and weeze as the noxonal-9 went in her mouth, "Better check under the beds make sure there is no road kill or anything that might come out and give us rabies" Catherine chocked as Sara smiled.

"Will do, I feel like a ghost buster but instead I'm the stench buster"

"Well, you sure do, do your ah profession very well Ms. Noxonal-9. Now I must take a shower before you stench bust me as well"

Sara almost sufficated from laughing so hard, she knew that Cath was getting back to her old self again and that's a very good sign.

Catherine got undressed and stepped into the nice hot shower. The water felt good on her bare skin. It felt like an automated massager. When she was finished her shower she fixed up her wound and went to get her clothes from her bag.

"I'm finished Sara, you can go ahead and take your shower now" Catherine said as she pulled her tank top on over her head.

"Alright," Sara's voice came from under the bed.

"Sara?" Catherine questioned wondering where her friend had ventured off to.

"Down here!" she replied and Catherine bent down and lifted up the bedskirting as another shot of Noxonal-9 hit her in the face. She screamed and tried to get out from under the bed but smacked her head off the wooden frame, just another bruise to add to her growing collection.

"Oops! sorry Cath!" Sara said apollogetically and Catherine smiled as a silent shut up. "Well look on the bright side, there is no road kill under the bed or anything that can give us rabies" Sara said trying to level with her injured friend.

"Yeah, thats true, I guess I would rather smell like Noxonal-9 then have foam dribbling out of my mouth" Catherine retorted and both girls laughed.

"You know what I just realized? We have absolutely no food and I'm starving aren't you?" Sara called from inside the bathroom as she was getting undressed.

"Yeah I'm famished maybe when your done we can go out and get something to eat with the guys, there has to be a restaurant around here some where"

"There isn't one but, we passed a confectionary store, we can pick up some food and bring it back here, how about that?" "

Sounds good to me as long as I have food I'm happy"

After Sara was finished her shower she and Catherine walked to the parking lot and climbed in the Tahoe. "It doesn't smell as bad as it did before, maybe the guys stunk the place up" Catherine replied as she turned on the radio.

"I agree, since they are filthy and we are the pigs" Sara exclaimed as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed back down the street towards the confectionary store, any food was good food right now.

"Pigs?" Catherine was confused, she was lost and hasn't been found, yet.

"Yeah, Pretty, Intelligent, Girls!"

Both girls laughed and pulled into the parking lot to the confectionary store. They got out and went inside and decided they would share with the guys so they got some alcohol, veggies for Sara, chips, chocolate, and whole lot of candy.

"I will be up until the cows come home tonight" Cath said in the Tahoe on the way back. "Moo, there home now so go to sleep," Sara replied as they pulled into the parking lot of the cabin resort. They walked back down the path and headed towards the guys cabin.

Meanwhile inside the mens cabin Nicky was singing in the shower while Warrick and Grissom were trying to cover there ears from the horrific noise, called his voice.

"knock, Knock" Sara went on the door.

"I'll get it" Warrick said knowing it could only be Catherine and Sara. "Hey girls, what's up?"

"We got some food and drinks, you guys want any?" Catherine proposed.

"Sure come on in"

The girls walked in and heard some loud noise coming from the bathroom. "What the hell is that?" Cath asked as she tried to cover her ears.

"It's Nick, he's singing in the shower" Warrick explained and both girls nodded in understanding.

"You call that singing?" Sara retorted and everyone laughed, but Grissom, since he couldn't hear anything.

"Hey Grissom," Catherine said but there was no answer "GRISSOM!" Sara and Catherine screamed as he finally looked up noticing that the girls were there.

"Sorry I had ear plugs in and couldn't hear you, what brings you to here?"

"We got some food would you like some?" Sara proposed.

"Sure, I'm famished, how are you holding out Catherine?" Grissom asked.

Finally the singing stopped and Nick came out with a towel around him not knowing that the girls were there, he felt embarrassed and grabbed his clothes off the bed and ran back into the bathroom.

"I'm fine Griss," Catherine replied and saw the look her boss was giving her, "Really, I am" Cath answered as she took another sip of beer.

Finally Nick emerged from the bathroom, fully clothed and not singing anymore. The gang hoped it stayed that way for a long time.

"Nick you're an amazing singer you should call up some record dealers and become a professional" Sara joked.

"Or you should be a contestant on the show American Idol so I can hear Simon say, 'I hate your singing and you're an embarrassment to the whole thing'" Catherine said trying to impersonate a British accent but failing horribly. You could tell she was half way to wasted.

"I think you're just jealous that you don't have my voice" Nick said defending himself.

"Thank god we don't have your singing voice or we would be sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks," Grissom managed to say in between stifles of laughter.

"Lets play a drinking game, truth or dare style" Warrick suggested "If we get wasted, and don't worry we will, it won't matter because were not driving any where until tomorrow"

"I'm in this will be tons of fun!" Cath said immediately.

"Me too" Sara added

"I'm in to" Nicky said "What about you Grissom?"

"Yeah sure, I'll play"

"Okay who gets to ask the first question?" Sara asked as she got comfortable on the bed beside Nick.

"I will, okay truth, dare, double dare, triple doggie dare, promise to repeat, barn yard on...Nicky!" Catherine said as she took another sip of beer.

"Before I pick I have one question, if I pick dare and I decide not to do the dare then is there a consequence?"

"Yep now hurry up!"

"Okay then I pick...barn yard!"

"Alright if a barn was on fire and there was your cat, me or your favorite stuffed animal which one would you choose to save?"

"That's an easy one, I would save you because I don't have a cat or a stuffed animal, plus your my friend and all"

"Aw, you're so sweet" Catherine said with a puppy dog face. She got up and half walked, half stumbled towards Nick and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Now I ask a question" Nick said after he got kissed by Cath. He waited until she got back to her seat beside Grissom on the other bed. "Okay truth, dare, double dare, triple doggie dare, promise to repeat, barn yard, on Sara"

"Let me see, I will pick, dare!" Sara said as she took a sip of beer.

"Okay, Catherine can you help me think of a dare for Sara, your good at this kind of stuff" Nick asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Sure, let me think, okay I got one, come here and I'll tell you" Catherine said two seconds after she was asked to do this favor.

Nick got up and walked over to Catherine he put his ear to her mouth and she used her hand as a wall so the others couldn't hear what she was going to say. She whispered it to him and a big grin spread across his face.

"So what is it?" Sara asked impatiently she wanted to get this done and over with.

"Damn Cath, that's good, okay Sara I dare you to French kiss Grissom for one minute" Nicky finally said. He couldn't help but laugh.

"No offence Grissom but Cath is your girl, she is the one that can do that to you so what is my consequence?" Sara said, she hoped it would be something better.

"The consequence is to let Warrick fix you a drink and you can't have any say in what goes in the drink or can't see what he is doing"

"Alright I will do that, it's not that bad, I guess"

Warrick got up and headed towards the kitchen area while Sara was blind folded with Catherine's scarf she had tied around her wrist. After 10 minutes Warrick came out with a great, big cup full of candy, liquor, some meat and veggies. Everyone was laughing there heads off.

"Bonne a petite" Warrick said in between fits of laughter. He gave her a spoon because there were chunks of food in it. In the first helping she took she got no meat and she ate/drank it fine.

"Good there's no meat in this, because you know I'm a vegetarian" Sara said. All of them including Grissom started laughing again when she took the next spoon full and this time it had meat on it. She took it and started spitting chunks of meat and veggies all over the place. "WARRICK YOU ARE SO DEAD!" Sara screamed at the top of her lungs. She threw the scarf at Catherine and lunged at Warrick.

When she's mad, she's furious and strong. She tackled Warrick to the ground and started beating him senseless. Grissom fell off the bed from laughing so hard and Catherine leaned back on the bed and grabbed the pillow from behind her and kept laughing into it, trying to calm her self down. Nick was laughing while he was trying to get Sara off of Warrick. Finally she stopped and walked back to the bed.

"Damn girl! Your ferocious when you want to be" Warrick breathed, trying to get his breath back.

"Anyways it's my turn so, truth, dare, double dare, triple doggie dare, promise to repeat, barn yard of Grissom" She said while watching him slowly get up onto the bed again.

"I chose promise to repeat" he said while he took the pillow away from Catherine's face and helped her sit up.

"Griss, you picked a bad one because Sara can have so much fun with this" Catherine said in between gasps for air.

"What's the worst that could happen" Grissom said with a confused smile on his face.

"Okay here we go, I Grissom" Sara began with a smirk on her face.

"I Grissom" Grissom said before he took another sip of beer.

"Am the most self centered, independent, smart, geekish bug man on the face of the earth! And have fantasies about Catherine doing a lap dance for me" Sara ended and then laughed.

"Am the most self centered, independent, smart, geekish bug man on the face of the earth! And I'm having fantasies about Catherine doing a lap dance for me" Grissom repeated with an embarrassment blush go across his face.

"Well hun, you could of told me and I would have shared a cabin with you and gave you one tonight! Instead I have to bunk with miss Noxonal 9 over there, you know that stuff stings if you get it in your eyes" Catherine said seductively with a wink, you could defiantly tell that she was drunk because she would of never said that in front of everyone.

"Hey! If it wasn't for me are cabin would stink very, very, very, very, very bad! It was worse than the Tahoe and we didn't even think it was possible" Sara screamed at the half drunk women sitting across from her.

"Hey!-" Grissom began to say, repeating what she was saying as she shot him a look telling him to keep his mouth shut.

"Grissom don't even think about repeating that, your turn is over and now you pick someone" everyone busted out laughing again.

"Okay, calm down Sara, Cat's half drunk so don't get mad at her and let's just play this damn game. Truth, dare, double dare, triple doggie dare, promise to repeat, barnyard on Warrick" Grissom stated.

"I chose double dare!" Warrick said right away he didn't even have to think about it.

"Okay Cath, I need some ideas I'm no good at this like Nicky. You're the dare queen. Can you please give me some suggestions?" Grissom asked his half sober friend sitting beside him.

"Alright, I have one, Warrick I dare you to strip and sing puff the magic dragon, or make out with Sara and your consequence is to eat this daisy I will pick outside for you" Catherine said she had a huge smile on her face. Catherined hoped that he would pick make out with Sara because she knew he had a little crush on her.

"Well, that's a pretty tough question, or choice you made me chose Cath. I will pick eating the daisy, although I would love to strip but Catherine's already taken and you didn't say anything about a private show, and well no offence Sara but I'm not really in the kissing mood. Also I decided if I die from eating the daisy then I can blame it on Cath." Warrick said while Catherine went outside skipping along the path like a little school girl, looking for daisies.

"Where is she going?" Sara asked. Everyone shrugged and had no idea where she was going.

"Maybe she went to go get me a daisy to eat?" Warrick suggested after a few minutes. It was about 10 minutes later and Catherine hadn't returned yet. Grissom started to get worried.

"Maybe we should go look for her, maybe she passed out or got lost" Sara said.

"Alright let's go, it's raining cat's and dog's so be careful" Grissom said as he looked out the window.

They all got up and headed outside. They started to look up and down the path and they passed lots of daisies but no Catherine. "Hey guys! I think I found her come here and take a look!" Nick yelled to Warrick, Sara and Griss. They ran over to Nick and they saw Catherine on her knees crying, she was holding a daisy as well.

"Catherine, sweet heart what's the matter, why are you..." Grissom started to say and then he saw what she was crying about.

"Oh my god, is, is that what I think it is?" Warrick said.

They were all standing at the corpse of a man that looked to be 20 years old and was stabbed multiple times in the stomach, back, chest, legs and arms. He had been there a pretty long time because you could see some of his bones and his flesh was hanging off his face and legs. Bugs galore, Grissom would have had a field day if he was on duty and if he had is equipment but right now he was concerned about Cath more than anything.

"Wake up number 37 wake up" Catherine muttered to herself in between tears.

"Huh, Cath what's going on with you?" Griss asked as he grabbed her shoulder. She felt something near her neck and she spun around and wrestled him to the ground and started strangling him to death.

"Whoa! Cath get off of him! He didn't do anything, get off him!" Sara screamed at the raging woman on top of Grissom.

"Catherine what's gotten in to you? Have you gone insane or something; please tell us what happened to you out here the last time you were here?" Nicky said as he was staring at Catherine's raging eyes and flushed face. Grissom got up off the ground and knelt down beside her. Warrick, Sara and Nick were all confused.

"Come on Cath, let's go back and tell then about what happened out here when you were 23 okay?" Grissom whispered. She nodded her head in agreement and they walked back towards the cabin.

Once inside they were all soaked and muddy and all dirty all over again. Catherine sat on the floor so she wouldn't get the beds all dirty. The power went out while they were outside and when they got to the door their flashlights died on them. Even though they couldn't see each other they all had the same look and some how ended up sitting in a perfect circle.

"Here we go again" Catherine finally spoke. Her voice was hard and cold she startled everyone.

"What are you talking about Cath? You're really freaking me out now" Sara stuttered, her clothes were drentched and she was shivering from the cold.

"Alright I will explain, when I was 23 years old I came up here with one of my clients and we were making out in cabin 13. I heard a noise and the lights went out. I started to freak so I shook my client awake and told him to go check it out. So we went outside and we saw this thing go across the path and into the woods. We went after it and the thing was about 10 feet tall and had red eyes. He then all of a sudden disappeared and we went back to the cabin as if nothing happened." Catherine explained and stopped to take a deep breath to calm her nerves. "I started having nightmares about crazy stuff that's why out near the body I said wake up number 37 wake up. Then when I got the job at CSI I told Grissom and told him not to tell anyone. Then I ended up here again for the third time, when I went to go get the daisy for Warrick to eat I saw something in the woods and went after it. It brought me to the carcass of him. Then you showed up and I thought Griss was going to attack me so I wrestled him to the ground and here we are" Catherine said. She was glad to get that out of her system.

All four of them looked at her with stoned looks on their faces. The lights then came back on and they saw Catherine's face. It was sad and scared, her eyes were all blotchy from her smeared makeup and strikes of blue lines trembled down her cheeks.

"Whoa, back up you said this was your third time, what about the second time?" Warrick proposed after a couple of minutes to let everything he heard process though his brain. "Well, the second time I came here with him again when I was 33, we met up at one of the casinos that I was staying at to get over the fact that Eddie was cheating on me. He invited me out to the place again to see if we could see it again. Of course I agreed anything to get my mind off of Eddie. Anyways we went and it happened again, we saw the thing and we went after it but this time it was different the thing attacked Brian and killed him, figuring I would be next I ran to the Tahoe and drove back to Vegas." Catherine said, she got the same look, even from Grissom this time.

"I can't believe this is happening I mean it's so unbelievable" Nick said.

"You don't have to believe me but if you don't mind I would like to go back to my cabin and get some sleep. Goodnight guys" Catherine said as she yawned, she was half drunk and the best way to get rid of a hang over is to sleep it off.

Chapter 4~ Cabin 13

"Hey Catherine, I'm sorry about making that joke earlier today about the cabin" Sara said while pulling down the sheets to her bed.

"It's alright, you didn't know and if you don't believe me then I understand," Catherine replied as she reached for the light switch.

"I believe you because," Sara stopped and Catherine stared at her wondering what her next sentence was going to be, she took a deep breath and whispered," I saw it too," Catherine's eyes got wide and a large grin appeared on her face.

"I thought I was the only one, where and when did you see it?" Catherine asked. She was hoping this wasn't all a dream so that she didn't seem crazy.

"I saw it two years ago, I was with my boyfriend and we were at this spot near the Golden Gate Bridge. Lots of couples go out there to make out and the view is magnificent, anyways we were making out in the car when I heard this loud scratching noise. Then we looked out the review mirror and we saw these big huge red eyes then the rest was a blur. He said 99 will die and the next day a plane crashed and the 99 passengers and crew died in the crash." Sara explained

"Did it happen before you got moved here?" Catherine pressured.

"Yeah, a week later Grissom called and told me he needed my help on this big case in Vegas" Sara answered.

"I think this moth man travels around with the last person he summoned. When I saw it the second time you were here in Vegas. I think maybe Haunted Cabin is it's home and something bad happened to him here, he's out for revenged on who ever comes here," Catherine proposed. Sara was speechless and just nodded her head in agreement.

Back in the mens cabin, the guys were snug in their beds for the night and weren't looking forward to the drive back to Vegas tomorrow.

"I have nothing to say about what happened, I mean it's just crazy" Nick said as he was getting under the covers.

"Then don't and just go to sleep" Grissom said as he was half asleep already and didn't feel like talking about it or anything else,he knew it was going to be a long trip home tomorrow and the last thing he wanted to do was drive with only 3 hours of sleep under his belt.

"You knew didn't you Griss?" Warrick questioned as he propped his head up on his elbow staring at his bozz that was laying in the bed across from him with his eyes half shut.

"I knew part of it," Grissom replied.

"Which part?" Nick asked.

"The first attack, not the second"

"You knew and you didn't tell us? we had the right to know you know"

"She told me not to tell anyone, she thought you wouldn't understand or believe her"

"Alright, I believe her but, I still don't get the whole wake up number 37 wake up" Warrick stated.

"Neither do I, she wouldn't tell me that"

"Well lets all go to sleep and figure it out in the morning, good night" Nick said as he turned off the light.

"Night," Nick and Grissom said simontaniously and shortly after fell asleep.

Chapter 5~ The Moth Man

Back in the womens cabin Catherine and Sara were peacefully asleep in there own beds. Catherine was dreaming about being in Hawaii in a Four Season hotel by the beach where she was getting a massage by a really hot guy and being fed grapes. Sara was having a dream about river rafting on the Amazon River with Warrick and making camp in the jungle for the weekend.

A loud scratching noise coming from outside the cabin awoken Sara. She leaned over to see her friend sprawled out diagonally across the bed with her arms up over her eyes and her legs bent into the number 4. She was glad she didn't have to share a bed or she would probably be kicked off the bed and onto the floor by now. Sara got up out of her bed and tip toed across the wooden planks that was the floor that squeeked under her weight. She extended her arm out to Catherine's shoulder and gently shook her awake.

"Earthquake!" Catherine screamed and started flayling about in the bed. Sara was useless to try and stop her,"Little children and women first! Save the evidence! I'm to young to die!" Catherine screamed and started to cry like a two year old.

"Cath, Catherine calm down there is no earthquake and your not going to die" Sara stated and slapped her across the face to hopefully take her out of the dream.

"Ouch! Sara was that you?" Catherine asked.

"Yeah, sorry, I didn't know what else to do" Sara apollogized.

"It's okay Sara, why did you wake me?"

"I heard a noise outside and it sounded like scratching. It's probably just an animal but do you mind going outside with me to check it out?"

"Sure,I need some fresh air anyways because it will help with my hang over" Catherine replied as she got up and slipped on her shoes and grabbed a flashlight.

It was pitch black and you couldn't see your own hand in front of your face. The only light that was around them was from the flashlight. They walked right beside each other making sure that neither of them would get lost or get separated. Sara and Catherine slowly trudged around to the side of the cabin to look for any little animals that were trying to get into the cabin some how, but came up empty. They then made their way to the back of the cabin and nothing there either, then the girls continued towards the other side of the cabin and found a message etched into the wood. It looked to have been made from fingernails, or claws. The message read, "Wake up number 37 wake up".

"He's here, and he's after us," Catherine proposed. She was starting to freak out and wanted to get back to the Tahoe and drive back to Vegas right now.

"Let's go back into the cabin and stay in there until morning," Sara whispered. They were heading towards the front and back up the stairs inside when Catherine saw something in the woods. She shawn one of the flashlights over there but just the bark of tree iluminated.

"What's wrong Cath?" Sara nervously asked.

"I saw something in the woods, maybe we should go check it out"

"Let's go and get back before the guys come looking for us"

The girls started to walk towards the trees, where Catherine supposedly saw something. They took baby steps making sure that if they would see anything suspicious they would get the hell out of there.

Back in the guys cabin Warrick and Nick were fast asleep but Grissom had a nightmare and he bolted upright. He couldn't get back to sleep after having a nightmare ever since he was a little kid. Instead, to help clear his mind he decided to take a stroll outside along the path and maybe check in on the girls along the way. He headed out the door with a flashlight and put on his shoes. As he was walking down the steps he saw a flash of light heading towards the woods. Being curious and wide-awake he decided to go and check it out. Grissom started walking towards the light.

Catherine and Sara kept going very slowly until they reached the tree line. The held on to each others hand and very carefully walked though the woods making sure they wouldn't trip over any roots or stumps.

"Cath are you sure you saw something? I mean you are half drunk maybe your mind is playing tricks on you" Sara whispered. She slowly followed Catherine.

Then something red started glowing about 10 feet away behind on of the trees.

"You were saying?" Catherine whispered back.

Very slowly both girls cautiously walked over towards the glowing light. They where a few steps away and started to walk around to the other side of the tree and there stood, 10 feet tall with red eyes, The moth man.

Chapter 6~ Cry For Help

Grissom kept walking until he reached the trees. He began to slow down so he wouldn't get hurt knowing that many fallen branches and stumps would be scattered around the ground. As he kept walking he heard a very loud high pitch scream. He ran towards the noise.

"Run Sara run!" Catherine screamed at the young woman beside her.

"Catherine, Sara!?!" Grissom screamed into the dark woods.

"GRISSOM!" Sara yelled back and began to sob.

"I'm coming girls, hold on a second!" Grissom trailed of once he saw the red light. "Where are you?" he called frantic, he didn't want one of his team to die on him tonight.

"We're near the red light, hurry Griss Cath's hurt!"

"Damn" Grissom muttered to himself. He started running towards the red thing and when he got there the Moth man disappeared and Catherine was on the ground with Sara kneeling over her. "Oh my god, what happened here?" Grissom asked as he shawn his light over to where Catherine was lying with Sara kneeling over her crying. He was oanting from running so fast and approached caustiously incase this was a trap.

"The moth man attacked her," Sara replied and whipped away her tears, "He, he said that death is only the beginning then she fell to the ground. Is she going to be alright?" Sara asked going hysterical.

"I don't know Sara," Grissom said and wrapped an arm around Sara hoping that it would comfort her somewhat. He knew that Sara was thinking that Ctaherine was dead, but he didn't believe that was the case. "Lets bring her back to the cabin and have a talk with Nick and Warrick okay?" Grissom replied and Sara nodded in agreement.

He picked up Catherine's limp body as she felt light in his arms. Sara got up walking beside the two of them as her graze never left Catherine's closed eyes. She could see the love that Grissom had for Catherine in how he was holding Catherine, close to his body, close to his heart. She smiled at the love they had for each other and knew that they were meant to be.

Once they got back to the cabin and out of the trees that made and errie sound in the wind and looked like giant monsters in their shadows from the moon Sara was happy to be away from there. She jogged ahead of Grissom who was walking as fast as he could with an unconcious lady in his arms and waited for Sara to open the door and turn on the lights.

Warrick and Nicky both hid their heads under the covers to be away from the bright light. "Hey man, what's with the light we're trying to sleep you know" Nicky said from under the covers.

"I guess you don't care about why Catherine is on the bed next to you then Nicky" Sara said to the two guys under the covers.

That got there attention. Nicky poked his head out from under the covers and saw Catherine lying on the bed beside him. He then looked ahead and saw Sara, she was crying her eyes out, huddled in a corner near the wall. Her eyes were bloodshot and her skin was white, alomst translucent, as if she had seen a ghost, or maybe, the mothman.

"What happened?" Warrick asked as his eyes adjusted to the bright light in the cabin.

"Well me and Cath were sleeping when I heard a scratching noise outside the cabin. I woke up Catherine and we went outside to check it out. We were walking around the cabin to see if there were any little animals trying to get in or something when we got to the left side and saw a message etched into the wood. When we were heading back inside Catherine said that she saw something in the woods so we walked out there to check it out. We saw a red glowing light behind a tree so we inched closer and it ended up being the Moth man. He said that death is only the beginning and then Cath fell to the ground." Sara explained. She was rocking back and forth in her little tight ball in the corner, afraid of what ever had attacked them.

"Back up, you said that there was a message etched into the wood. What did the message say?" Nick asked as he got up and walked over towards Sara to calm her down.

"The message read, wake up number 37 wake up" Sara finally said. Nick reached out his hand to Sara and she freaked, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Sara screamed and Nick took a few steps back.

"Sara it's okay, you're going to be fine, nothing can harm you in here" Grissom said trying to calm her down but it was useless.

After she said what was etched into the wood Catherine started to moan and stir. Everyone turned their attention to the older, struggling woman lying on the bed. Nick and Warrick kept their distance, afraid that she might lash out at them, or scream at them like Sara had. Grissom took that chance and ran over to her grabbing her hand and brushing her hair away from her sweaty face.

"Sweet heart?" Grissom whispered into Catherine's ear, he stroked her hair.

Catherine slowly opened her eyes seeing the new surrounding she was in,"Where am I? What happened? Who are you?" Catherine moaned adn saw Sara huddled up in a corner., "Sara? Sara don't be scared," she whispered and Nick, Warrick adn Grissom exchanged glances with each other, wondering if she was dilusional still.

"Hunnie, it's me Grissom." Grissom said trying to get to focus on him but her eyes kept wandering over to Sara. "Yes Sara's here and so is, Nicky and Warrick. Your at the Haunted Cabin, we spent the night here. You and Sara went out into the woods because you saw something. You got knocked unconscious and we brought you back here" Grissom tried to explain.

"I-I, Sara, he-" Catherine stuttered not making any sense. "I-I saw me drowning in a lake with stuff all around me. I-I tried to grab the stuff but I couldn't. While I was drowning I heard someone say wake up number 37 wake up" Catherine replied, as if she read Sara's mind.

"Catherine, he's-he's done it" Sara replied.

"Done what?" the men asked at once.

"It" Catherine replied.

"This is getting way out of control! Sara just said that and Catherine woke up! I want to get out of this hell hole right now! No wonder this place is deserted it's haunted! Let's leave right NOW!" Nicky excalimed strating to pace around the cabin.

"We can't leave," Sara replied.

"Why the hell not!" Warrick stated.

"He won't let us, if you don't believe me try opening the door" Cath said.

Grissom walked over to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. "She's rights were locked in here" he stated and everyone looked at Catherine and Sara, something fishy was happening around here.

"How did you know Cath?" Warrick asked.

"He told us," Catherine answered.

"Are you like his servant or something?" Nicky asked, he was confused again.

"We're his princesses, right Sara!"

"She's right," Sara finally spoke; she had been quite for quite some time.

"You're joking right?" Grissom asked with a worried tone. "Wait, Sara you saw the Moth Man too? Why didn't you tell us?" Grissom demanded.

"I didn't want to tell you because it was my little secret. Catherine can explain everything since she's my older sister" Sara hissed, her tone of voice was changing.

"It works like this, once you see him, he becomes a part of you. He tells you disasters that are going to happen, and since we're women he made us princesses, we can kill people, and can control what can happen"

"Cath you're really scaring me now" Grissom stated as Catherine gave him and evil grin, something was wrong with these women, there behaviour had changed and they had a glint in their eyes that was something the men were afraid of, as if they were possessed.

"Three will die" Catherine replied in another language that only Sara could understand, the men were left in the dark.

Sara grabbed Nicky from behind, clutching on to his neck and squeezing the life out of him. She lifted him off the ground and stared into his cold brown eyes watching him die. The color of his skin was slowly turning blue, he couldn't breath anymore as his eyes were rolling into the back of his skull. Sara smiled and threw him against the wall. He laid there lifeless in bal on the floor and all that was left was a nice hole in the wall.

Warrick looked at Nick and then at Sara, he was confused that she was able to lift him up off the ground and kill him like that and he really didn't want to stick around to be the next victim. He would of ran if he could but he was trapped in this cabin and if the door didn't work then the windows probably didn't either. However he watched as his co-worker and the woman that he had a crush on for a while now had just killed his best friend with her bare hands. He couldn't stand this any longer he had to avenge his friends death, even if he died in the process. At least he wouldn't go down without a fight. "Biotch!" Warrick screamed at Sara and he charged at her.

Warrick did not anticipate a tag team for Catherine came out of know where and punched him square in the face. He fell to the ground with a broken nose Catherine spragne from the bed like a cat and pinned him down as she began to punch him in the face repeadly. That was when Sara came in branishing a broken beet bottle she had smashed and decided to use the neck as a weapon. Warrick could see the two women over top of him just anticipating the perfect time to kill him. He could see the brown glass coming down along his skin.

Catherine ripped open his shirt as the torso of him was exposed and heaving up and down at an eccentric rate. Sara began to carve into his flesh and he screamed out in pain. Grissom was helpless to do anything, the woman would of slashed him witht eh glass if he even came close, and he knew he was going to be next, and there was no way of escape. Sara had finished her carving leaving the insignia of a moth on his chest that was dribbling blood. That was the mark of the mothman.

Grissom covered his ears to stop the ancient language from entering his head as both woman were saying something to Warrick as he was squirming around on the ground trying to escape their grasp. He opened his eyes to see the damage left and noticed to mark, he could see it clearly on both Sara and Catherine's neck, that was when he knew that it was not all a dream, they were really under the control of the Mothman. He watched as they slit Warrick troate with the glass killing him and throwing him over in the pile with Nick. Two down one to go.

Grissom studied the two woman that were now covered in blood of his friend Warrick and had smiled on their faces that were filled with evil. He knew that if they could they would bite his neck with fangs and drink his blood. The two woman had discarded their bloody clothes revealing knee length, strapless dresses that were made of mosquito netting. Solid black fabric covered their breates and crotchs but it showed off the frame of their bodies. There were moth size wholes all over the place and the burns of the moth were found on their wrists and on their ankles. Neither of them were noticed before, for they had just appeared, the steam from the fire was still sizzling from them and they were red hot.

Grissom couldn't take his eyes off the two women, he had never seen anything like this before, and he wished that it didn't have to end this way. One mothman princess he loved dearly and the other one he was the best of friends with and admired her ability to work scenes of death, but never figured her for one to be creating them as well. He could see the rage in there eyes as they were slowly closing in on him. He watched as the color of their eyes changed from brown and blue to Grey and he could see moths crawling in their hair and snaking up their arms and legs. They were their pets, like his bugs, and they were also their weapon.

"Catherine, listen to me, you don't want to kill me!" Grissom said trying to make his piece. he kept backing up until he realized he was in a corner. "I love you and you love me don't you?" Grissom stated, whimpering.

"I do love you Grissom," Catherine replied and a sweet voice, "And that's why I have to kill you. My father wants it done and I must obey, if I don't, I will die and so will Sara," Catherine explained as Moths crawled across her face.

"Catherine, please I beg you don't kill me, I will do anything you want just please don't kill me. Disobey your father for once and let me live. You to Sara please don't kill I don't want to die!"

"I'm so sorry Grissom, but if Sara can kill Warrick I can kill you," Catherine said. She opened her mouth as a rush of moths escaped and charged at Grissom.

The swarm had engulfed Grissom eating away at his clothes and then eating his skin. Grissom was trying to swat the moths away as they ate his pajamas ad started biting his flesh. When he opened his eyes he saw the figure of Catherine lunging at him with her mouth open wide and sharp teeth that latched on to his mouth. She kissed him as her teeth dug into his mouth causing him to bleed. She let go and pulled out her dagger she had concealed in her dress and stabbed Grissom in the heart. The moths all fluttered away and disapeared into dust. All that was left was Grissom, who was almost naked from the moths eating away his clothes and the blood dribbing out of his mouth of Catherine's kiss of death. The dagger was lodged in his heart, blood lines running down his torso as he fell to his knees and then to his side. His eyes rolled back into the back of his head as he died, no more life left in any of the men.

The women had completed their tasks and had made their father proud, They snapped their fingers opening up the cabin door that they had made stay shut, so no one would leave and then turned themselves into two flocks of moths leaving through the door and out into the woods to be joined with their father. It would be 4 weeks before the bodies of Warrick, Nick and Grissom were discovered in the Haunted Cabin Resort, for no one ever dared to spend a night there.

Chapter 7~ Reality Check

"Catherine, wake up Cat, we're here" Nick said as he shook Catherine awake. She was sleeping on his shoulder for the past 4 hours cramped in the back of the Tahoe.

"AHHHHH, get away Mothman!" Catherine screamed and she sat up and whacked her head on the window. "Ouch! That hurt" she stated. Everyone looked at her like she was some alien or something. She looked at then and had a confused look on her face. "What are the matter guys?"

"Um nothing, we're here Cath, we're in Reno, remember we're here on vacation," Grissom said as he got out of the Tahoe. The others did the same.

Catherine took a look around and read the sign in front of her it read, Four Seasons Hotel. She smiled, happy that it didn't say "Haunted Cabin Inn", and she really wanted to get inside and eat, she was famished. Catherine grabbed her bag and follwed everyone inside, to check into their reserved rooms.

Warrick paid for the rooms and Sara, Nick and Warrick shared one and Catherine and Grissom got the other.

"This is not fair, I'm stuck with 2 guys, how come I couldn't just have my own room." Sara whined as they piled into the elevator.

"If you want your own room you pay for it yourself" Warrick said and Sara huffed agreeing to sleep with two guys instead. "I get my own bed though, and don't either of you get any bright ideas"

"Fair, you get your own bed, but we get the bathroom first in the morning" Nick stated and grinned. Sara punched him in the arm as he winced in pain, "Okay fine, you get the bathroom first in the morning, heesh"

"What a wuss" Catherine whispered and everyone laughed.

They got up to the 8th floor and got off the elevator. Catherine knew these hotels; she used to stay in them when she couldn't face Eddie knowing that she would get beaten and then be in the hospital for a few nights.

"Look Sara the rooms are even joined together. It's like us having one huge room" Nick said and Sara smiled.

"What should we do now?" Catherine asked as she sat down on one of the king sized beds in the room. "At least this time I'm not here hiding from Eddies abuse" She said as she laid back on the comfortable bed, this is so much better than Nicks arm.

"Well we could play a game, what about Truth or Dare?" Warrick suggested, it was 8 o'clock at night and there was no point in site seeing until tomorrow when everybody had a good night sleep.

"Alright, anyone object?" Catherine said. She didn't even hesitate, Truth or Dare is her kind of game, she always loves a challenge. No one raised their hands in objection, "Great!"

"Hey me and Nick will go and get some liquor and we can make it a partay!"

"Alright be back in five." The two men left and Catherine, Sara and Grissom were left in the room.

"So Catherine, that must have been some dream you were having in the truck, you didn't wake up for about 4 hours" Sara asked as she started jumping on the bed like a 6 year old.

"Oh yeah, that was some dream alright" Catherine replied and threw a pillow at her friend who let out a yelp and then threw one back. A full blown pillow fight had started and Grissom had nothing to do with it.

He watched as both women were jumping up and down on the beds having a pillow fight, laughing and screaming. Grissom smiled seeing them having fun like kids again, something that Sara and Catherine would never be able to leave behind. Just then a pillow smacked him right in the face knocking him out of his thought of Catherine having a pillow fight with Lindsey at home all the time.

"Come on Griss!" Sara said and kept bouncing up and down, "Are you afraid a couple of women will beat you at this game?" Sara replied and Catherine laughed.

Grissom smiled and ran at the girls tackling them down as they landed on the soft matress laughing their head off. Now that they were down for the count he could easily beat them with pillows and that was exactly what he did. Both Sara and Catherine screamed and laughed as the pillows hit their bodies and face. He then sandwiched himself between the two women and smiled.

"Laying with my favourite two ladies" Grissom whispered and pecked each of them on the cheek causing them to burst out laughing again. The three of them stayed like that until Nick and Warrick returned with the boose.

All Catherine wanted to do now was enjoy this vacation and forget about what happened when she was 18 out at Haunted Cabin, she was just hoping that the Moth man wouldn't come back...ever again.

The End!!!!