Television Appearances

Regis and Kathie Lee
May 18, 1995
REGIS: Gillian, Gillian, Gillian, this is your very first interview?
GILLIAN: (a little embarrassed) Yeah, my first talk show...
REGIS: Are you nervous?
GILLIAN: Yes, I am.
KATHIE LEE: All you gotta do is talk...
REGIS: All ya gotta do is keep talking..
GILLIAN: I know...
REGIS: I hate being a guest - it's a lot of burden, responsibility...
Gillian looks confused
REGIS: You do understand that, don't you?
GILLIAN: (laughing) Yes, I do!
KATHIE LEE: Well, as an actress you feel secure with other peoples words, but here you're Gillian...
GILLIAN: Yeah, exactly.
KATHIE LEE: But you're an interesting young woman...I've been reading how your last unemployment check was about to come?
GILLIAN: Yes...I got my last check the day that I got the pilot.
The Jon Stewart Show
May 18, 1995
JON: (of XF comic books) Wow. That was an odd artist's interpretation of you.
GILLIAN: It certainly was.
JON: Because you're quite lovely and then you look at the cover and perhaps they didn't capture your loveliness. Yeah. (Crowd Laughs) Yeah see that doesn't look like you at all for God's sakes. Do people like send you stuff in the mail, like illustrations of you and that sort of...
GILLIAN: They do, they do, they send me uh pictures they've drawn of me and ask me to sign them and send them back. Some guy actually sent me a piece of china that had my likeness on it but he neglected to put clothes on me so I'm like naked from here up.
JON: I got that one too.
Conan O'Brien
May 22, 1995
CONAN: -that I didn't spend the time thinking about the interview. That when you were first up for the part, the people involved weren't sure they wanted you-
GILLIAN: Thank you for reminding me of that.
CONAN: -is that true? It's important that I bring these things up.
GILLIAN: Yes. Um yes, actually they speaking of I heard you mention Pamela Anderson earlier and yes they did um they wanted some plastic um you know not necessarily plastic but you know they would have preferred- to have somebody more better endowed than I was.
CONAN: No one actually said that to you did they?
GILLIAN: No! Nobody actually said that.
Steve Wright's People Show BBC
June 3, 1995
WRIGHT: Have you ever stolen a towel from a hotel?
GILLIAN: Yes! (GA, Wright and audience laugh)
WRIGHT: Do you use moisturiser?
WRIGHT: Who is you're most famous friend?
GILLIAN: (long pause) David Duchovny.
WRIGHT: Have you ever thrown rubbish from a car window?
GILLIAN: Used to, Yes.
WRIGHT: Do you iron you're underwear?
GILLIAN: No, What underwear?

Late Show with David Letterman
Febuary 1996
DAVID: "You, uh, you grew up in what part of the country?"
GILLIAN: "Grand Rapids, Michigan."
DAVID: "Yea, Lovely..."
GILLIAN: "Your intimate with Grand Rapids, Michigan I hear?"
DAVID: "That's where our home office is. What was life like for you while you were growing up there?"
GILLIAN: "It was, was different. It was normal and it was strange."
DAVID: "You say it was different and normal and strange. Uh, how so? How do you reconcile those things?"
GILLIAN: "Grand Rapids I guess is pretty normal, I, I was strange."
Laughter and cheering.
The Midday Show
June 1996

KERRI-ANNE: Dana, with your life in the last couple of years....
(Gillian leans over and interrupts)
GILLIAN: You what, know you can call me Gillian...
(Kerri-Anne takes her hand and apologises)
KERRI-ANNE: Oh Im sorry, Dana Scully, Im talking, (Gillian laughs) I mean Im so addicted to The X-Files, Gillian, in the last couple of years, 93 is when The X-Files started, ah you've like had this fairy-tale rise, you were virtually unemployed, ah, and went from waiting tables into a huge television show, your own show, did you realise how important it was when you started that?
GILLIAN: No, I don't think that I did. I think that if I had realised it, umm, I wouldn't have been able to handle it, you know, I think that thats one thing is is that we're shooting in Vancouver, and so it's not in Los Angeles, it doesn't have the same degree of height all the time that it would if we were shooting down there, so we're seperated enough that it was a gradual rise for us and also because umm, it was a gradual rise for the show period.
Late Show with David Letterman
Sept. 30, 1996
GILLIAN: I’m not going to have this conversation with you!
DAVID: And that’s why people like to tune in every week, because they think, "Oh, wait a minute, maybe they oh, thank God they didn’t get to her .."
GILLIAN: No, when you watch the show, then we can talk about the show. Okay?
DAVID: All right, that seems fair enough.
GILLIAN: That a deal? When you watch the show for the first time, then we can have this conversation.
DAVID: No, I’ve seen the show! I have seen the show. I’m just, you know, for folks maybe who haven’t seen the show.
GILLIAN: (laughs)
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
October 9, 1996
GILLIAN: And here-
ROSIE: What is that?
GILLIAN: It's your own FBI Special Agent identification badge. Has Rosie's face on it.
ROSIE: Let me see that.
GILLIAN: You can sign it if you want.
ROSIE: I will be using this if I ever get pulled over by a cop. "Yeah that's right, I am a talk show host but I'm just doing that for the government. I really work for you people!" (Crowd cheers) I'll be doing that.
Tonight Show With Jay Leno
December 16th, 1996
GILLIAN: Can I - can I put my cup here? (on the desk) Is that OK?
JAY: (in husky, leering voice) You can do whatever you *want*. (Audience laughs. Gillian nods and smiles) It's your show. You're a star. You're a star, baby. Whatever you want. You got it.
GILLIAN: (wearily, but smiling) *Ohhhh* Jay.
JAY: The desk. Take it home.
GILLIAN: (smacks lips, puts cup down) Ahh.
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
June 10, 1998

JAY: Or would be as huge as it is? I'm sure you've been asked this a million times. But it's like a worldwide phenomenon. Seriously, south africa, england.
GILLIAN: I know.
JAY: Here. It's big there.
GILLIAN: It's bigger there.
JAY: It's really huge.
GILLIAN: It's amazing. You know what? We did the press junket this funny story. He said that he was at the screening. And he lost his wallet. And so, when he realized that, he went back in the screening room and found his wallet. It was missing some money. And he was missing his driver's license. So he called up the police station to report it. And he said he was talking to the police officer and the police officer was filling out a report. And he says -- the police officers says, "okay, sir, what screening were you at?" He said, "'the x-files' screening." And he said, "wait a second. Do mulder and scully kiss?"
The Magic Hour
June 12, 1998

MAGIC: I know, for me, it's like a strange feeling when I see myself on magazine covers. What about for you?
GILLIAN: Um, yeah, it is. You know, I don't get an opportunity to be in magazine stands a lot, but when I'm travelling, when I'm in the airport, you know, you have to hide when, I mean, I go to pick up a copy of Vanity Fair or something and, if there are other articles that are near it that are on the cover, it gets kinda weird, you want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. And you don't want to be caught buying a magazine with yourself on the cover.
MAGIC: (laughs) Yeah, yeah.
GILLIAN: That's not a good thing.
MAGIC: I know it, everybody look at you like you're crazy.
GILLIAN: A little self-indulgent.
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
June 15, 1998

GILLIAN: I’ve got. No. This is tofu pie.
(Audience basically goes "Grrooossss!!!! Laughter.)
ROSIE: Seriously?
GILLIAN: Seriously. It’s tofu pie.
ROSIE: Do you actually consume this, Gillian?
GILLIAN: I used to. And I have been looking for it in New York. Now I don’t know how good this stuff is cause usually you can get pumpkin flavor and blueberry and chocolate flavor and it’s really good. But it’s wheat-free
ROSIE: Yeah.
GILLIAN: --and dairy-free
ROSIE: Oh, yeah.
GILLIAN: ---and it’s sugar-free.
ROSIE: (not thrilled) Great.
Entertainment Tonight
Oct. 8 1998
JULIE: The kids (of The Mighty) were in here and ELDEN [RATLIFF] has a crush on you.
GILLIAN: He does not! Does he?
JULIE: He's like, "You are it!"
GILLIAN: Awww. That's sweet. I think he's the cutest thing. And his hair? I love it.
JULIE: He said you were great to work with, though. You were really helpful to him. They have really nice things to say about you. Was it fun to work with them?
GILLIAN: Very much so. First of all, with KIERAN [CULKIN] and everything that he had to bare in the crutches and the brace and the head gear and the backpack, he was a tremendous trooper. He just comes across with that genius dialogue so easily. There's such a light in his eyes. And Elden, has such levity and depth of compassion.
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Sept. 29 1998

JAY: Whew, stop you're making me hungry. Really.
GILLIAN: Then we also picked up goats milk yogurt. Have you ever tried goats milk yogurt? It's kind of tangy, It's different.
JAY: Goats milk yogurt?
GILLIAN: It's good.
JAY: how it that different then regular yogurt?
GILLIAN: It''s..made from goats. Apparently it's easier to digest, because goats only have one stomach and cows have three
JAY: Goats eat tin cans too.
GILLIAN: Anyway...
JAY: So was it good?
GILLIAN: It was good. So anyway, we were driving along, eating. And I eat some and he eats some and I eat some and he eats some, we managed to finish the whole thing. And I put it down in the console. And we're feeling a little odd, just a little odd. And I look down and I notice there's some writing on the side of the container. It says 'goats milk yogurt...for pets.'
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Dec. 17, 1998
JAY: Now, are you ready for the holidays? Have you done your shopping?
GILLIAN: You know, I've done some of the shopping. I've done like a little of it. Not all of it. I am kinda behind.
JAY: That means you haven't done anything.
GILLIAN: No, I have. I've done some of it. But you know, sometimes you start shopping and then end up buying stuff for yourself.
JAY: Uh-huh, how unlike people in show business. Now, let me ask you. So you go out and you look for something for other people and you go, "I want that." Do you wind up keeping the item you wanted for someone else? You do!
GILLIAN: I don't want to talk about this. I am too embarrassed! It's not fair!
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
Jan. 11, 1999
ROSIE: I was telling Gillian about the internet, we're on the internet and she's always voted the most popular internet person are you very...
GILLIAN: Well you know what's so weird is that there's all these ummm.. there's all these websites that have my head on top of other people's naked bodies which is such a back-handed compliment. It's like, you know, yeah we like your face but your body can go. (crowd laughs)
ROSIE: I personally will not be insulted if they did that to me. As long it was a thinner person.
(Gillian and crowd laughs)
Late Show with David Letterman
Jan. 11, 1999

GILLIAN: It's a great city, Dave.
LETTERMAN: I loved it. I just... I loved it. Okay, so then...
(GILLIAN laughs.)
LETTERMAN: David... David...
LETTERMAN: ...gets homesick for Los Angeles, and I think we can all understand that.
(Laughter as he gives a sarcastic, meaningful look to the audience)
GILLIAN: Well, you know, Dave, he got married. You know?
LETTERMAN: Right, right.
GILLIAN: Yeah, he got married, and he had a wife that he loved very much.
Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Jan. 14, 1999

GILLIAN: As a matter of fact, you know what? There is a really great actor, sometimes comedian...
JON: Yes! Yes! Yes!
GILLIAN: ...called Jon Stewart.
JON: It's more like sometimes an actor, that's for sure. We have a clip!
GILLIAN: We do. Is it the kissing clip? Is it the one where we kissed?
JON: I don't know what it is. What was it like to kiss Jon Stewart? I'm sure that's on everybody's mind. I'm getting a lot of internet emails.
GILLIAN: Well, there were a lot of takes as far as I remember.
JON: I just remember blacking out and waking up with lipstick on my face. That is all I remember.
GILLIAN: Have you talked about the fact that there was actually one scene, which they cut out of the movie, where we end up in bed together...
JON: With the dog.
GILLIAN: And there is this huge 400 lb. dog or whatever that jumps on the bed on top of him and Jon actually had to wear a cup.
[Audience laughs]
  Exhale with Candice Bergen
Feb, 15, 2000

CANDICE: You wrote a foreword to a book that's out called "Girl Boss". It's an advice book for girls, and um I'd like to hear a little bit about the foreword since I can't read it to everyone.
GILLIAN: What it speaks to is talks a little bit about, about my process and the fears that I experienced in my early adulthood and also in starting the series, coming from nothing to being on a television series, and admitting that I was terrified and that it's ok to be terrified, but it's more ok to be terrified if you're terrified and you do it anyway, you know, and so it speaks to that and it speaks to some other things that I think are important character traits I guess that um...I suggest being honest, you know, and trying to the best of one's ability not to lie no matter what, that the result of lying is often so much worse than actually telling the truth. And talking about being of service in any way, whether it's in the community or in one's job space and work space, and um doing volunteer work, and just little things...but just an attempt to motivate and to share a bit of my own experience and just to remind women specifically that no matter where we come from, the resources are within us and around us to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING we put our minds to.
The Late Show with David Letterman
May 15, 2000
Dave: I had a massive heart attack three months ago, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm back!
Gillian: Did you have to give up anything?
Dave: Well, you know, during the surgery, they don't want you drinking coffee.
Gillian: Right. (laughter)
Dave: But that was it. And then I quit cigars.
Gillian: You quit, like, completely quit?
Dave: Yeah, but I've always, you know, I quit and then I smoke, and then I quit. But now I'm off the cigars for good.
Gillian: You still smoke coffee? I mean... (laughter) See? I've got smoking on the brain!
Dave: I've smoked a little coffee, sure. Smoked a little tea.

  Misc. Interviews

Oscar®Watch - Gillian Anderson 12/24/00

House of Mirth Interviews watch a clip courtesy of the Independant Film Channel

At the Porsche Driving Experience, Gillian Anderson learns every lane is the fast lane.

Read the article here.

Dreamwatch: Gillian Anderson Interview
(Dreamwatch#75, December 2000)

Gillian Anderson is prepared for a year of Revelations
(TV Guide, November 2000)

Women's Night 1999 ....Speech
(March 6, 1999)

  Oscar®Watch - Gillian Anderson 12/24/00

Indeed, "House of Mirth" could have been shot down, and its star Gillian Anderson with it, but Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwartzbaum is starting the buzz rolling -- here is what she said about the film and in particular about Gillian Anderson, who's already won Best Actress for the British Indpendent Film Awards:
But The House of Mirth, Terence Davies' magnificent adaptation of Wharton's masterpiece about the folly of one marriageable young woman who pays tragically for her restlessness, burns through all the fussy doilies, precious teacups, and worn out poses of period costume dramas with such brilliance as to look like a brand new art form. This stunning movie -- one of the very best of the year -- makes a much read American classic feel new and freshly devastating.
Even more astonishing: Gillian Anderson, sprung from her ''X Files'' armor of dark suits and even darker broody stares, gives a career igniting performance as proud, kind, foolish, tragic Lily Bart, whose need to marry rich thwarts her opportunity to marry happy. Indeed, Anderson's acute understanding of Lily's self destructive mixture of passion and naïveté, her terrible refusal to take her own desires seriously -- watch her delicate voluptuousness as she accepts a cigarette, the way she tilts her heart shaped face -- sets the tone for startlingly good performances all around. Catch that rave.

  Dreamwatch: GA interview
    (Dreamwatch#75, December 2000)

Gillian Anderson tells Jenny Cooney Carillos why she has signed up for a ninth season of THE X FILES.
They say it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind. Late last year, Gillian Anderson looked me in the eye and said she would not be returning for another season of The X Files, regardless of what her contract said. So what happened?
The actress seems feistier than usual and more candid than ever when we sat down in Beverly Hills - 25 September, her day off - to catch up on all these questions and answers. With David Duchovny minimizing his involvement in the show, Anderson seems genuinely excited about the new season and her new on-screen partner, Robert Patrick.
Off-screen, she's busier than ever, dividing her time between her Malibu beach home and Vancouver, Canada, where her 6 year old daughter, Piper resides with her father and now attends school. So, what is the story behind her return for not just one season but a ninth too?
Q: You swore to me last year there would be no way you would come back.....
I think at the time I was absolutely exhausted and it was during the seventh year and no one had ever thought that it was going to go on beyond five years. Even that seemed like a huge amount of time, so fathoming an eighth season back then felt impossible. But I guess over the break, taking my first real hiatus away from any kind of work, I started to have conversations with Chris Carter about the eighth season and I heard his enthusiasm about the new character that he had created, and the concept that perhaps it could be a good thing started to enter my mind.
But a new contract for a ninth season too?
To be honest, when Fox started talking about a ninth season, that was even more unheard of and it just seemed impossible. But when push came to shove, here I am.
Did it have something to do with money and the disparity in salaries between you and David?
I think by the end of the fifth year it became just ridiculous and unacceptable that htere was the disparity that there was and so we took steps to remedy that and were successful. But what then became an issue was that I was already signed on for an eighth season and David was not, so he was in a much better leveraging position. In order for him to get what he felt was fair, he agreed to do an eighth season. In order to get what I felt was fair in light of that was to offer them a ninth season. When they first asked, I said absolutely not and they said, 'Well we're not going to pay you what you deserve if you're not going to do a ninth season,' so in order to even negotiate fairly, I needed to agree to do a ninth year.
Chris said they made some compensations for you to spend more time in Canada with your daughter. Did that make the decision to stay easier?
Yes. It's a complicated issue. Chris and the writers want to produce the best show they can and there is a particular formula for making that work in a season when we are losing David for most of the episodes and bringing in a new character. To suddenly have the character of Scully to be absent from time to time was a tall order, but it was an absolute necessity for me in continuing, and fortunately they have been very generous and tried very hard to make that possible for me to spend more time with her. As much as anyone can say, 'Oh she can visit you on the set when she's in LA,' it's not the same as having quality time with a child. She's starting first grade and I think it's important that she be in one place instead of travelling back and forth, so she's in one place and I'm travelling back and forth, which I think is better for her.
So how do you feel about returning? You're basically saying that Fox had you over a barrel, right?
F***, yeah! Absolutely I was over a barrel and there are no two ways about it. I was over a very large barrel and it was very uncomfortable to be in that position with a company that I had worked so hard for, for so long and put so much time and energy into doing the best work that I could.
To have them come in front of me and say, 'Well, you know, forget about that. This is what we need right now and we don't care what your needs are as a parent or anything but this is what we need in order for you to be compensated,' it was unfair," and we have worked it out now but at the time it was incredibly uncomfortable and unfortunate.
So when will we find out who is the father of Scully's baby?
That is a good question and I wish I could answer that for you. Probably before Christmas, I think. When we're most likely to shoot that episode I'm not exactly sure. I do know who the father is and Scully sure knows, but who knows - it could change by the time we shoot it!
How did you feel about the new character, John Doggett? Will there be an attraction?
I think it is a very different dynamic that these two characters share. There is definitely a very strong personality attraction between them. I think you can feel that tangibly on the screen.. And that intensity will be provocative this season. But there is also the history of Mulder and that relationship in her life and the importance of that person in her life that lives on in the series. So there is respect there from both parties towards that relationship.
Do you have any suggestions as to how you would like to see Scully's pregnancy explained?
I think, if it were up to me, it would be Mulder's child. Possibly something took place during all the things that happened when Scully woke up in Mulder's apartment, and then at some point Scully was abducted again and found herself in the ship with Mulder. As they're lying together on these metal platforms, they start to flashback through what happened that night thaat she became impregnated, and then she wakes up and she's in her own bed and there's blood everywhere and she is no longer pregnant. They've taken her baby from her and her search now not only becomes about looking for Mulder, but also about looking for her baby.
So are you happy working with Robert Patrick?
You may have been able to see from meeting Robert that he's glad to be here and glad to have a job. He's done, like 55 films, and I can imagine it's nice for him to have the security of a show for as long as it may run.
He's got enthusiastic energy and that enthusiasm and the opportunity of creating a new character for the writers has imbued the show with a new energy and it gives us more to work with. So there's a kind of a feeling of starting over in a sense.
Like a whole new show?
Like new beginnings but at the same time keeping in mind where we're come from. This one recent article [in Entertainment Weekly] really pissed me off because there was a lot of skepticism expressed about how the new season would unfold and how the fans would accept this, and as far as I'm concerned we shouldn't set it up for failure. if it means that we just do one season with Robert because the fans just can't deal with Mulder not being around, then that's what we'll do. If they accept him and they get what a new and interesting character he is and how it can move things forward in its own direction, that's great too. It would be nice if people keep an open mind about it and were not initially afraid and judgemental about it. I feel like we need to give the guy a break.
So you aren't happy with the press right now?
The press is just part of all this. Some days you may wake up after working till five in the morning and think, I can't believe I have to put on make-up and go talk about stuff and I don't have anything left to say.' But believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to seeing you today. This really feels like a new beginning for all of us and I'm enthusiastic about Robert's ability to play this character. He works really hard and is a sweetheart.
Will you continue to direct this season?
I doubt that I will this season. I would only want to direct something if I were to write it again. I can't imagine how I wrote [all things], period, and certainly not another right now. I enjoyed it tremendously and it was an incredible learning experience that helped me really understand on a new level what it is that these people I work with do on a daily basis, but I can't imagine how I would manage it this year with all the travelling.
Can you protect Piper from your fame?
The older she gets, the more she sees. Most of the time when I'm out in public and somebody asks for an autograph, if I'm with her I usually say no. When she was younger I didn't want her to witness other people treating me specially, but things slipped through the cracks and so she's seen it and knows what is going on and it is an incredible challenge. I am incredibly fortunate and incredibly blessed to have a constant job and be paid what I get paid to stand in front of a camera, so the financial security is great. But the challenge is for her not to come to expect that and expose her to the way the rest of the world lives. We spent some time in London last summer and I purposefully took her on the subway every single day - it was great to see her sit in the midst of every race and culture and she was just in awe because she lives in such a homogenized world.
Could you really get away with using the tube unrecognized?
To be honest, I was afraid, but people responded to me less when I was not afraid. When I first started out, I got claustrophobic and afraid and thought people were looking at me and I had to get us out of there. Then I tried it a few days later and I wore a hat and just sat there with my back kind of turned and it was like nothing happened. Most of the time people would go, 'Is that her? No, impossible! What would Gillian Anderson be doing riding the tube!"
You made a period movie, House of Mirth last summer. Was it difficult leaving Scully behind?
It's tough because Scully has done everything. She's cried, screamed, laughed..... and to express those emotions on camera without a modicum of Scullyness is a challenge. But I continue to work on it and work on it while I'm doing the film. It's not so much that I fall into doing Scully, but it's more that I am so adamant about not doing anything Scully-like that I have to keep a pretty keen awareness of it at all times.
  Gillian Anderson is prepared for a year of Revelations
(TV Guide, November 2000)
Confused by Scully's mysterious pregnancy? You're not the only one. Executive producer Chris Carter hasn't exactly discouraged speculation that the proud papa-to-be is none other than Mulder, but the truth will almost certainly be more complicated.
Even Gillian Anderson is somewhat baffled bby the latest X-Files plot mutation and ready to be shocked. "I assumed I knew what put her in this predicament," Anderson says, "but lately I've been proved wrong. I don't know what is going on. Which is nothing new."
What is new - or, perhaps, renewed - is Anderson's enthusiasm for The X-Files. Last year, burned out and bored, she publicly rooted for the show to end. But the series's new dynamic, with Mulder vanished and G-man John Doggett (Robert Patrick) at Scully's side, has "reinvigorated the work," she says over coffee at a Santa Monica restaurant. "We're all having a good time."
She has even agreed, albeit reluctantly, to a ninth season. Fox wouldn't give her the substantial raise she wanted for Season 8 unless she agreed to a No. 9. She now makes between $200,000 and $300,000 per episode.
And she negotiated time off to spend with her 6-year old daughter, Piper.
"She's always come first," Anderson says, "but how can I prove that when I'm working 16-to-18-hour days?" Divorced from former X-Files art director Clyde Klotz, Anderson lives in Malibu and declines to discuss her current romantic life.
Her new working arrangement does allow more time to be a mom.
"I pick Piper up from school," she says. "We play, I make dinner and sit there with her. I haven't had a lot of experience with that, and I feel we've both lost out."
Life could get more complicated - in a good way - this December, when "House of Mirth" arrives in theaters. Based on the Edith Wharton novel, the file stars Anderson as a turn-of-the-century society woman who defies convention and pays a terrible price. The Los Angeles Times reports buzz that Anderson is a "revelation."
"All I know is I did the best I could," she says, smiling and embarassed. "I love the novel. I love the character. We'll see."
Meanwhile, life on The X-Files is just fine. "I'm having fun, and I'm getting to be a good mother," Anderson says. "I'm feeling satisfied."
  Women's Night 1999 ....Speech
(March 6, 1999)

"I am gonna pee my pants! Somebody handed me
some German chocolate backstage so I brought that out, just in case and I
got this thing in case I can't figure out how to do these things, but....okay,
okay, in all seriousness...Oh my God! How can I get serious? I have to get
serious now. This is very serious business here...Hi! I gotta say I am very
happy to be here. I am having so much fun. You guys are just great. So
thanks for having me! Okay, now I am going to get serious. All right. And I
have to turn my head from one side to another 'cos it doesn't look
like...okay, just reminding myself of what I have to do. Okay! I can't! I'm
sorry! This is serious, what's here! You can't see it 'cus it's only one side of
it but it's very serious. Umm, excuse me...okay. Oh, I just burped! Did you
hear the burp? I burped. Okay. All right. Here we go. Did somebody say,
okay, go? Is it going to be like an 'end now' thing? Okay this is serious! All
right! Okay! I'm sorry! Okay, all right.

Okay, since Anne asked me to present her with the Gay and Lesbian's
Center's Creative Integrity Award, my mind has been churning and fretting
over what I might say, about how I might offer any insight into this fabulous
powerhouse of a woman. And then I watched Kathy Najimy presenting Ellen
with the same award and I think that was probably the worst mistake I
could have made. I have to keep telling myself that she is a comedian and
people pay her to do what she does and that I didn't have to be really
funny and everything. And basically she said everything about Ellen that I'd
want to about Anne, and more, and with so much wit and grace that I was
literally rendered speechless. So I have had to erase that information from
my mind and just speak the truth whether it overlaps Kathy's words or not.

I first met Anne and Ellen at last year's Lilith Fair. I had decided wouldn't it
be fun to treat a small group of my female friends to an afternoon
celebrating women. Now, it was a hot day, and it proceeded to get even
hotter as we sat in the bleachers amongst the predominantly female,
predominantly lesbian crowd. And I started to get my first feel.........I
started to get my first feel for the appreciation, I will say appreciation is a
good, safe word - for what this community feels for the character of Agent
Dana Scully that I play on TV. Now, a lot of people have accused Scully of
being gay. She's single, she's strong, independent, suit-wearing female who
chooses not to shack up with whom some people consider the sexiest male
on TV. And all I have to say to this is thank you.

Now as I said, it was getting increasingly hotter out there in the bleachers,
and my companions thought wouldn't it be a good idea for us to make our
way towards the celebrity safe zone. So we did, and there stage left, right
beside us stood two fabulously sexy, fabulously entwined women bumping
and grinding along with us to the Indigo Girls. And they were so open and so
in love and so free, shame-free, carefree - that needless to say, I was
distracted from what was going on onstage and I kept peeking over at their
bliss and thinking 'Aahh, isn't that nice.'

Well, after a while, they took pity on my pathetic gawking and they tore
themselves away from each other - just for a moment - to introduce
themselves and we were, in that moment, initiated as friends.

Now, I can't stand here and talk about Anne without sharing with you
examples of her limitless generosity and charity. And nowhere else has this
charity been more evident than in the gay and lesbian community. Now, I
know that Anne would prefer that I not bring attention to this, but I think
it's just too important not to celebrate.

For the last eight months, twice a week, Anne has been working with kids
at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center - kids who have been abandoned
by their families and friends because they are gay. Anne, quietly and
without publicity has, through acting, writing and playing workshops, been
helping these kids to build a sense of self, of self-worth, of importance; so
that regardless of their present situation, they have the foundation of
knowledge that they are perfect, worthy, capable human beings who can
love unconditionally regardless of their sexual preference. In short,
transforming their lives.

On top of that, last October - once again without fanfare - Anne and Ellen,
propelled by the Matthew Shepard tragedy, made hundreds of phone calls
and pleas, rallying to get their friends and co-workers to join them as they
spoke out on the Capitol steps against the injustices against gays and
lesbians that still permeate our society today.

This award that Anne is receiving this evening is about integrity. Integrity in
life, in work and in service. And I believe that above and beyond her
altruistic acts, Anne's integrity lies in her determination to tell the truth, the
whole truth, and nothing but.

Unfortunately, as Anne has experienced over the past couple of years, this
degree of honesty can be too much for people to stomach. It makes them
uncomfortable, afraid, and judgmental.

When Ellen came out, Anne had a choice and she made a choice. She chose
to stand up and speak her own truth; to stand up proudly for who she is in
this moment. And her decision to do so was no less courageous, no less
consciousness changing, and life affirming, and lifesaving than Ellen's.

She could have chosen to stand off in the wings and let Ellen face the fire
alone. She could have kept silent, refused interviews, not risked everything,
not come out. In fact, as I understand it, Ellen warned her in the beginning,
'Get as far away from me as you possibly can. You have no idea what you're
getting yourself into.' But she chose to speak out and to scream from the
highest podium in today's media driven society that she had fallen in love
with a woman.

And now, as I am recounting this, in this dramatic way, it reeks of 'So
what?' So what if a woman loves another woman instead of a man? What's
the big deal? But it is a big deal. And the big deal is exemplified by the big

Response from the press, which is ultimately the voice of the heterosexual
community - Oh my gosh! Can you believe it? How can this happen? It
doesn't make sense!

Response from the studios - She is going to ruin our movies! Will she ever
work in this town again? Is she still sexy? Does a gay actress give good box
office? ....that was my only joke, thank you very much. Let me repeat that!
I think that is a really good one - Does a gay actress give good box office?
(crowd cheers) I think that's pretty damn good!

And response from some in the gay and lesbian community - That it wasn't
for real. It won't last. She going to hurt Ellen.

Well Anne chose to make this risk at the most vulnerable moment in her
twelve year career not knowing if she would be able to get work again as an
admittedly gay actress; not knowing if she would be misunderstood and
shunned by the heterosexual community; not knowing if she would be
accepted or rejected by the gay and lesbian community; or if her own family
and friends would turn their backs or embrace her.

But she decided to expose her truth and she stuck to that choice while all
the above took place around here; while she was both judged and
accepted, ridiculed and celebrated, banished and embraced. And she didn't
collapse. She stood strong under this public scrutiny with many gays and
straights and family and friends against her and she ultimately opened the
door for minds and hearts and lives to be changed forever.

While Ellen's courage changed the world, Anne stood in the flames as a
beacon, a symbol of truth preaching nonpartisan, gender-free love proudly.
In my mind, she is the second greatest first lady this nation has ever had.

By saying 'I love and I encourage you all to love, whoever you choose to
love' she has liberated others to do the same.

By refusing to compromise her truth for the good of her career or to
maintain a safe, heterosexual world.

By not allowing other's fears and judgments and preconceived ideas of right
and wrong.

By saying this is me now and I am not ashamed and I'll ask you kindly not to
be ashamed for me because this is the greatest I have ever been - this is
the truest me there is, so please just let me let it be.

By standing up and saying, hey, hey look at me the human being. Step out
of your fear and open your mind a little. Celebrate yourself as a loving
human being regardless of sex or age or race. Be fully who you are. Be
proud. Love yourself and be true to yourself whatever the cost.

She has shamelessly and fearlessly stood alone, and stood in celebration of
the one she loves and, my oh my, do they love. I don't think I have ever
met two people in my life who are more in love than they are. And why are
we afraid of that, honestly? Why can't we accept that love is love and we
should get it any way that we can.

Anne is an active example of this. Of how open-minded and all-accepted we
should all be in any community and under all circumstances.

Who cares if a woman who once loved men now loves women? Who cares if
a man who once loved men now loves women? Who cares if someone's love
fluctuates between men and women and men? What's the big f******

So let's practice what we preach and with the acceptance that we expect
from others. Let us stop being so damn judgmental and crucifying of
everyone who doesn't fit into our boxed-in perception of what is right.

You know, it is almost the twenty first century. Let us learn from Anne's
example and just let ourselves let others be.

I want to thank you Anne for being so brave. Thank you for standing in the
flames without shame as a beacon of truth for man and womankind. You
deserve to be celebrated for your courage, your selflessness and your
integrity. "