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I guess a short way to tell you about me would be to say that I'm that dirty old man you keep hearing about. What that means is that I'm a seventy-two year old male. I like to dream about sex. I've also found that I enjoy reading and writing about sex.

Some time ago I discovered the sex stories news groups on usenet. After reading a lot I decided to try writing a story myself. The result was "My Naughty Niece"

After I wrote that one, I was encouraged to continue writing by Frank McCoy and others. It took me a while to get up the courage but I finally did. The result is the list of stories on this site.

You will notice that most but not all of my stories are coded (ped) which means they involve sex between an adult and a pre-teen or teen-ager. If you do not approve of that kind of story, you had better move on.

Oh yes. This is supposed to be about me. I'm really just an average guy. I'm retired and divorced. I had two children, a son and a daughter. My son died young and my daughter and I were out of touch for many years after my divorce. We are now close again for which I am gratefull. I live a solitary life with little outside contact. Most of my time is spent on line or watching TV. My taste in music runs to classical and old (40's & 50's) ballads. I served in the U.S. Air Force a long time ago and still feel as if I'm a part of what they like to call "The Air Force Family".

Anyone wishing to comment on my stories or contact me further may do so at: Uncle Sky's E-Mail

Just a note to my readers. Those of us who write the stories you like to read have received and continue to receive a lot of support from ASSTR (Alt.Sex.Stories.Text.Repository). The major thing they do for us is archive our stories and make them available to you the readers. This is a non-profit organization and is staffed by volunteers. The operation is costly and the only income they have is from donations. That being the case, I ask that you consider making a donation if you have enjoyed my stories. It will help to make sure they remain available for all to read free. You can find out about donating at this link: ASSTR DONATIONS

Thank you.


The stories on the following pages are adult in nature. That means they contain graphic descriptions of sex acts. Many of those scenes take place between adults and children. If you do not like to read that kind of material or if you are under age to read that type of material in your location, please leave now and do not read any further. Anyone who does read my stories, does so at their own risk. Thank you for your interest.