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My Picture
          A lot of people are wondering about myself. For others I am a BIG question mark. It seems like I am not a What You See Is What You Get type of person. They think I have another person in me. That mysteriously hide within my very skin. Some also think that I am very strong for I don't show any weakness. Cause they don't see me cry or in pain. (Para bang manhid, na walang maramdaman o wala talagang pakiramdam) Sometimes, they say I am too SUPERIOR for them. That I already act as boss.

          Now you are to witness the GREAT revelation about myself. Some of the hidden secrets maybe only people know it. Answers to your different questions, WHO really Marc Anthony is??? So many Why's... And a lot of questions critical mind can create. You'll know that I am not that really as bad as you can think. I am just like you experiencing difficulties in life, struggling in order to survive and trying to achive happiness, life could ever give.

         So hold on to your seat as you explore those links and learn many things about me. Some of them might answer your questions and I am hoping you could learn something about my experiences and how I face LIFE.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site.

Name: Marc Anthony Devera Chan
Nickname: Macky, Marc, Anthony, Chan (I am well known as Chan)
Birth Date: July 27, 198?
Birth Place: Valenzuela, Metro Manila
Sex: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Citizenship: 3/4-Filipino, 1/4-Chinese


Pre-Elem: Febias College
Elementary: Infant Jesus Learning Center (grade 1 & 2)
           Don Bosco Academy (Grade 3)
           Progressive Learning Center (grade 4-6)
High School: Univesity of the Assumption (1st year)
           Pampanga High School (2nd-4th year)
College: Technological Institute of the Philippines (BS. Accountancy)
           St. Clare College of Caloocan (BS. Computer Science)
           Imus Computer College (2-yr. Computer Programming)