Uncle Mike's
Beef Jerky

If your after Quantity, look elsewhere, but if its Quality you want, then YOU found the right place.

NO MSG  or preservatives! NO MSG  or preservatives! NO MSG  or preservatives! NO MSG 

All of the Jerky made here, is from the best Eye-of-Round Roasts that can be found.
Uncle Mike has been making and perfecting Beef Jerky for 18+ Years.

The Jerky is sold by the slice  or pound. Each slice weighs in at around 20 to 25 grams, for  $1.00. Quality is un-surpassed! A Pound is Currently at $35.00.

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Many different  kinds of Beef Jerky are available here at Uncle Mikes.

Ole Timey -----------------------(Salty old timey Jerked Meat)
2.    Ole Timey W/Basil--------------- (Distinct Flavor)
2.    Extreme Ole Timey -------------
(Made with Habanero Tabasco Sauce)

Plain-----------------------------(The best Jerky east of the Mississippi River.)
Black Pepper-------------------- (Medium Hot)
5.    Extreme Heat ------------------
(Made with Habanero Tabasco Sauce)
Garlic & Herb -------------------(Healthy)
7.    Extreme Garlic & Herb ---------
-(Made with Habanero Tabasco Sauce)
.   Parmesan Cheese Steak --------------(Good Cheesy Flavor ...Excellent!)
9.     Extreme Parmesan Cheese Steak --(Made with Habanero Tabasco Sauce)

Teriyaki-----------------------------------(Marinated in the best sauces in Uncle Mikes kitchens.)
11.    Hot Teriyaki -----------------------------(Made with White Pepper, It
Is Medium Hot.)
12.   Extreme Heat Teriyaki ---------------(Made with Habanero Tabasco Sauce)

Bar-B-Que---------------------------------(Good Old Fashioned Bar-B-Que Flavor!)
Black Pepper Bar-B-Que  ------------- (Medium Hot) One of my best sellers!
15.   Extreme Bar-B-Que  ------------------ (Made with Habanero Tabasco Sauce)

  Honey Mustard ----------------- (Made with Honey Mustard sauce & Brown Sugar)
17.  Extreme Honey Mustard---------(Like above except  with Habanero Tabasco Sauce)

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Extreme.....Says it ALL!