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Why Did They Do That?

Oct. 2001

A Chattanooga judge releases a suspected terrorist associate on a bond to go to court in Pa. The case he was being tried for was over a week later. Right decision?

CHICAGO - The war on terrorism took a strange and sad turn Friday as airline officials at O'Hare International Airport refused to let a 73 year old grandmother board her plane as she had in her possession two, six inch knitting needles. Apparently, authorities were worried that she might knit an Afghan.

Afghanistan, somewhere in the ruins - Taliban warriors pose with a tire. They claim they shot down a U.S. fighter plane, but where is it. No fair claiming helicopters at another date.

Nov. 2001

Airline Security-  A man with an expired visa attempts to board an American airlines with a shopping bag full of knives one of which was over six inches in length. In a flaw in security the man is able to pass some of the security checks. Maybe the mountain men should check his bags! Not a pretty sight.

Airline Security- Good job, Atlanta! Man attempts to run through the security check with a gun, on Friday. Police nab him, aircraft safe. Keep it up! Boo for you terrorists for not appreciating the good things in America. God bless America. Thank you Lord for you daily care of this nation, and it's people.

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