no more diabets
            NO MORE DIABETES!!
I have no more symptoms and I take no more medicine.
Free and clear for over 2 years!

Let me tell  you a little about my life before I tell you how I was healed of this dreaded disease. (Diabetes)
I was born on a form in the state of Arkansas in 1940, back in those days we had no doctors so we either used home remedies or we prayed and asked God to heal our illnesses and by the way, He did every time.
After I became a teenager, I got involved with alcohol and drugs so I very seldom got sick of anything other than  booze related illnesses.
In 1973 I got my life changed by asking The Lord Jesus to come into my life, the booze and alcohol disappeared instantly, the cravings left and I have free from that moment on.
I went into the entertainment business in 1989 and started traveling the U.S. and Canada with little or no illnesses to speak of.
Everything went along very good for me until 1991 when I was out in California having a wonderful time singing Country Music and doing Stand-Up Comedy.
I woke up one morning with a sore throat and had to go to the Doctor, he gave some medicine and just as a by the way thing he wanted to give me a diabetes test.
After a while he came back with the news that I had diabetes.
Well I was floored, not ever having even heard about the disease and not knowing of any of my people having the it..
Well, without getting a second opinion, I took the medicine and started telling everyone that I have diabetes.
For the next 11 years I had all the symptoms with the burning feet, eye trouble, high blood sugar tests and low blood sugar tests. There were times when I thought I was going to pass out because I had not had not eaten in a while.
The thing that turned it all around for me was when I started really loosing my sight, I had been noticing a difference over the years but when it got to the place where I would wake up and it would be as if I was in a fog, I could not even read the large numbers on me large number clock.
I had been healed from some illnesses before, and I had witnessed other people receiving their healings so I had faith the receive mine.
I got up this particular morning, walked my dog and prayed about the Diabetes, I went back into the house and took and  took my regular dosage of Diabetes meds in no time at all the medicine dropped my blood sugar to low.
That was when I realized that I was healed completely.
I haven't had any symptoms since that day.
I have put together a cassette tape to explain exactly what steps I took to not only ease the symptoms but to complete rid myself of that breaded disease forever.

It is my desire to tell everyone in the world that needs help getting rid of this diabetes.
I am not talking about learning to live with the disease but getting rid of it for ever!!.
I know for a fact that Jesus paid for our healing at the same time that he paid for our Salvation and we can receive one as easily as we receive the other, I am a living witness.
If you would like to help me spread the word, please  get in touch with me by
I reside in the Houston area and  I would be very glad to speak at your event.
Howard Alexander........832-746-3272.........