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This page was founded not just to be "cool" by rebelling against authority, or to be like everyone else with their political ideas and things, but to make a difference in America.  I've been thinking alot recently about alot of things: politics, war, the future, what my basic beliefs even are, and I'm sick of sitting here complaining about things and about the people who complain and don't do anything to make a difference, when I realized how hypocritical I have been.  It's been hard coming up with an idea to make a difference and change something in this country.  This is my attempt to make a difference in this messed up country, change the future for us and millions of others.

This page is to educate, not specifically to bash the government, but to discuss with other politically concerned American Youth nad help them build up their beliefs.  There is a message board where you can post and idea, thought, or quote that you've been pondering and the other people will contradict or build on your ideas to help you.  This will help the youth think things through throughly, unlike many adults today who are incharge of our country.  I honestly belive that if we get together and strangthen our oponions, we, the future leaders of this country, can make this a better place.
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If you have any links or anything you want to add on to this page, just let me know and I'm very open minded and I'll do it!
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