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Hey.  My name is Sabrinia and I am a junior at UNC-CH.  Right now I am a bio major considering doubling in history (with a concentration in ancient/mideval studies). I work in a research lab on campus and am on the club cheerleading squad here at Carolina.  I also wait tables at this resteraunt in Durham called Gradys.  Come by and hook me up;) I live in an apartment with my roommates Veena and Erin. You can see some pretty old pictures of a lot of my friends in my picture gallery.  I lost the battery to my digital camera and didn't take any pictures...for oh about a year.  But it's all good b/c I found it and now my camera is in the trunk of my car.  I love my car.  It's a 99 mercury cougar and it is green and it's beautiful! I just got it in april of 2003.  My 21st b-day is in Feburary, so maybe I will get some good pictures then to put up on my site.  We'll see.  I'm taking 17 hours this semester so I dunno how much time I will have for fiddling around with this site.  Hope you enjoy it at any rate.
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