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We are a band from Plano(and McKinney), Texas.

--we changed the band name to The Cadillac Incident and are in the process of making a new site. its gonna b pretty much this one cept updated with a new URL.  we got alot of pics from warped tour and other stuff.
The new site (its not done)
--In other news we're working on songs, i think we almost have enough for a CD but theres still alot of work that needs to be done, but for 3/4 of the band school dont start till the 20th of Jan. so we got some time..
--we played acustic at the Collin Creek Mall last saturday and got $20!! woohoo! it was fun. we might be playing at the Stone Briar Mall Monday or Tuesday
--everyone have a great christmas and new years!!!
-also visit our new side project screamo band G.O.S.L.I.
Click Here!

Alot has been happening, mostly unnecessary rearranging.  Hopefully we have settled down into our places.  We have been working on some new material.  Should be updating the website this weekend, but I felt I should leave an update, and I have nothing better to do.  Some of the updates will be new songs and lyrics and hopefully new pics if i get some batteries for that stupid camera. 

Past Times (For Fun:)

And 2nd messege board (Q&A+more,by bob)
Band Members Bios)
Songs that we know
Email us at undefined_error@juno.com
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