Under The Spot Light
Under the Spot Light
To those whom still/ or just come upon this site, I am going to TRY and get it up and running again.  I know it has been a LONG while since I have done anything with this site as well as any where else, but I will try my hardest to get going again.
If you have any requests please leave a message on the message board, until I get my e-mail up and working again.  I will also be re-vamping this site, so things might be a bit different soon!
try it, if it doesn't work, post your message on the message board!  Thanks!
message board, come here to check what is new on this site with out having to travel all over the site!
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Here is the new link to the "Under_the_spot_light" web site.  Right click on the above image for linking.  Other wise copy the following text for HTML use.

<a href="www.oocities.org/under_the_spot_light.com"><img src="www.oocities.org/under_the_spot_light/tag1.jpg"></a>