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Welcome God's Rest and Prayer Room
Prayer groups usually start with a group of folks wanting to meet and pray together... In that aspect this group was not different than others but in other ways it started much differently.

In the spring of 2000, 2 nurses met in a Christian chat room and began discussing the challenges they faced as nurses. That they did not find addressed anywhere. Every job has it challenges but those in the health care profession face certain stresses that those not in the health care field really do not understand... especially not those who have not worked in it for many many years..

Those 2 nurses,  delivered_sis and renewed_one prayed and started a group (no longer in existence) on July2, 2000 called Gods Rest. This was to be a place for those in the health care profession to come and find others who would understand what they were going through and who could talk their language and really understand the pain, the joy and the humor that is a part of every person's life who works in health care for any length of time.

The group started and was growing fast and within a week the need for a prayer board was noticed so these 2 nurses new to the world of being founders in Yahoo clubs (this was before groups) started another club that was meant just to be a prayer board.. In their learning time they accidentally made it unlisted so what was to be Gods Rest Prayer room had to be deleted and reformed as Gods Rest Prayer Room 2000 and was started on July 16,2002 with the intention of being a simple prayer board for the members of Gods Rest only.

That was the intent of the founders of this group.. the human founders that is.. As mentioned the group was started on July 16 shortly afterwards a third founder   was added and the 3 ladies met often in the chat room to pray for the members of Gods Rest and to dedicate the prayer room to Him.

On August 29,2000 the group had 11 members. That date is very significant to this group. It was on that date that these 3 ladies met and really dedicated this group to the Lord and prayed asking the Lord to please bless this group with a larger membership of 25 members.  At that time it seemed an Astronomical goal..  God took that group from the 11 members on August 29 of 2000 to over 1000 members by   the end of that year and it has grown ever
since.... not to the glory of the founders... not to the glory of this group but to the glory of the Lord.

This group has an earthly owner named as it is required to by Yahoo however, each of the moderators of this group will tell you who the real owner of this group is... this group is owned by God and the moderators are but servants. Since this group has been formed we have been through trials and attacks yet we still seek to hold to the principles of letting the Love of God shine through and pray that   we will be able to continue to do so.

We the moderators thank each member of this group present, past and future for being a part of this family and for helping support us with your prayers as we strive to continue to serve.
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