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Well i love to act at the Ophra House downtown and i also love to play with me dog,Zipper. I live in southwest texas, near san antonio. My parents own a bbq so i get to work there whenever they make me :) I also play for my school tennis team, and i am in the 7th grade. I'm 13.
I act,play tennis, write for the school paper, bowl on a league and love to chat.
Well i have a lot of friends online. i'll name a few:
David: wuzzzz upppp
David: you work to hard! :)
Adam: Adam,Adam,Adam....whats upppppp
Liz: so what happend today?
Richie aka Seth Green: wuzz up richie? you need to get on more often :P
Steve: hey you, wuz up?
Josh: you have GOT to get on more

okay, my friend's from school and town, are a completly different story:

Kaleigh: wuzzz uppp..i'm bored...and i bet so are you...

Kayla: hey, i hope you win today~

Otsie: wow...havnt' really talked to you in a while

Ashley: were' freinds........thatssss great~

My Family

Jessi- love her to death.and she's fun to bug ...about kenny~

Angie- love her to death..but can get VERY ANNYOING

My mom- she's point's...

My dad - what can i say.....